Our Weekend Ride For Mental Health Awareness with UM Motorcycles

Ride for passion, profession or for a cause. The motto is to ride! We ride because we love it and if we get to ride for a cause, we just can’t say no. Recently, we were on a bike ride to Dalhousie and when we were heading back to our hometown, we attended the ride arranged by UM Motorcycles India. We have a lot more to share about the ride so, simply sit back and read on.

UM Motorcycles, India has taken up an initiative which is a fund-raiser campaign and an awareness program. Through the rides, the company is spreading awareness about one of the most ignored health issue i.e. Mental Health.


The moment we were approached to join the campaign, we were ready to be the part of it as we genuinely believe that this topic needs attention.

It's high time that people start understanding that yes, mental health issues exist and they need to be talked about.

After a long 10 hours ride from Dalhousie to Delhi, we reached SDA Complex near Hauz Khaz, Delhi which was the meeting point. There we met Firdaus Shaikh, Senior Brand Manager, Aman and other riders. The bikes were standing in a queue that created a beautiful scene and I couldn’t resist myself getting clicked with the bikes. (Check out the image pinned here)


We all had to wait for riders who were coming from distant places. Once, everyone was there, we gave throttle to our bikes and reached Ambience Mall, Gurugram where more riders were waiting to join us. From there we resumed our ride to Golden Tulip, Faridabad.


Frankly speaking, we haven’t ride in such large groups earlier but this was an exception. We actually loved riding with the group. Everyone was riding in sync without breaking traffic rules which was obviously a good thing to see.

Most of the group riders were from ROAR which is a UM Motorcycle community. Loved meeting with them and they didn’t make us felt that we are non UM motorcycle member.

After parking our bikes, we had our breakfast and relaxed for a while.


The meetup began after the breakfast where the panel started the discussion and one by one shared their views and opinion related to mental health issues that people across the globe are facing yet are unable to speak up about it.

Dr Alok Sarin, Dr Heena Vaid, riders from XBHP were there besides others who spoke on the topic.


The speakers threw light on mental health issues and spoke about how important it is to understand what exactly are the mental health issues and to talk about the problems.


The entire session was quite informative, intriguing and interesting.

Finally, at the end of the program, we all gathered in the parking area where group pictures were clicked and we all bid good-bye to each other.


To wrap up, many people are facing mental health issues and are getting affected to a great extent but are unable to speak about the same.

The solution to this problem is – SPEAKUP & SHARE.

This can help a great deal. If the problem persists, one should seek professional help without bothering about what other people will think.  If you know anyone who is suffering from any kind of mental issue, just help them in the best possible way you can. Listen to them, talk to them (try not to give lectures). That’s the best you can do. Last but not the least, we urge you all to contribute whatever amount you wish to and spread the word around.


Yogesh Mankani
No words describe me best than a hardcore biker. My mind, body and soul sync in when I am on my bike. Each time I set out on my journey and when I come back, I am a totally different person. It's really difficult for me to pen down my feeling when I am on my bike. Who cares about the destination. For me it's all about ride!

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