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The Socialite, Jaipur: A Cool Hangout To Eat, Drink And Socialize


Want to socialize? Are you looking for a nice place to meet your friends and have a nice chit-chat session while trying out different dishes and satisfying your taste buds?

There is a cool cafe and lounge in the town which we got acquainted with recently and we are genuinely in love with it. We went for the blogger’s meet at The Socialite and loved the socialising session.

Guess what, some lovely tracks from the 90s (What is Love, Hotel California, Backstreet boys and many more) were playing that was immensely soothing to ears. So, we were enjoying the perfect audio-visual treat whilst satisfying our taste buds.

Want to know how was our experience there? Read on!


First Impressions

Although, we went there for the first time, yet we easily spotted it. The Socialite is on the fourth floor. You can either take the lift or climb the stairs. You will be amazed to see the interiors and the vast area of the cafe.

The tables don’t give the monotonous feeling as there are some quirky and funny lines written on them.


Look around and you will be left mesmerized with simple yet beautiful things. There are three seating areas:

  • One seating area has a small dance floor where live music is arranged.
  • The second seating area is inside a glass house for those who don’t like noise or want to enjoy their socialite session in the cozy corner.
  • Besides, the indoor seating, there is this outdoor seating area too. where you smoke/enjoy Sheesha if you wish to. Yes, they have Sheesha too!


There is a rooftop area too, which is equally cool and you can have your favourite dishes whilst enjoying the city view. There is a huge wall screen too that lets people enjoy live football/cricket matches.

The most noticeable attribute of the rooftop is three colourful pods with little gates. Guess what, when you see from the lane below, you can see these pods and you will be curious to know sit in them and enjoy various dishes with family and friends while enjoying the city view along with


And Then We Ate…

So, without further adieu, take a quick look at what we had at socialite. Our session started with cool Paan flavoured Sheesha which wasn’t strong. Other than Sheesha, we were served Red Wine Sangria which is actually a Portuguese drink (Red Wine with chopped fruit). We liked the perfection with which the drink was made.



  • We tried the Cranberry Cooler, Oreo Shake, Pina Colada and would recommend you to try Cranberry Cooler and Pina Colada if you visit this place. Pina Colada has an adequate amount of coconut cream and coconut milk. Perfect Pina Colada is one that is the perfect blend of ingredients. Slightly more/less amount of any of the ingredients can spoil the taste.


  • Other than this, we tried Cranberry Cooler which was well-presented and has a tangy taste.

Chakna Platter

  • They serve Chakna Platter complimentary with all the hard drinks.
  • It consists of various types of Namkeens and chopped onion, tomatoes, coriander, green chilies with lemon slices.
  • The best was the briefcase styled-container in which it is served.


Dragon Rolls

  • With onion as the only fillings inside, dragon rolls were unexpectedly super delicious.
  • They were perfectly cooked.
  • Not much oily.
  • Heavenly in taste.


Cigar Rolls

  • A Chinese delicacy served with Hot Red Sauce.
  • It was spicy and tasty.
  • Definitely must-have.


Dahi ke Shole

  • They are just like usual ‘Dahi ke Shole’ which we have tried at other places.
  • A little blend according to our taste.
  • If you like the starter that’s not much spicy, you can go for it.


Bahti Bhaji

  • It’s genuinely a must-have dish.
  • A totally new way of serving Paav Bhaji. Paavs are very small while Bhaji is served with cheese spread over it.
  • You have to dip little Paav in Bhaji Foundue with the help of sticks provided along.
  • We liked the Bhaji as it was spicy and cheesy with the taste that can challenge any best Paav Bhaji joint.


Threesome Hummus Platter

  • This is something we had for the first time and totally loved it.
  • All three Hummus was perfectly cooked with the right amount of spices and ingredients.
  • A must try.


Lebanese Rolls

  • Perfectly cooked and filling were great.
  • Hummus with Lebanese Roll was superb.
  • You can try it if you have love Lebanese delicacies.


Barbersca Pasta

  • One of the best Pasta we have had since a long time.
  • Creamy and cheesy.
  • Perfect amount of splinkers were added that made the pasta all the more delicious.
  • Do try it if you are a Pasta lover.


Masala Garlic Bread

  • Visuals can be deceptive. At first look, you will think it’s a Burger but no this is Bun filled with lots of veggies, Cheese, Mayonnaise and what not.
  • It was spicy and we liked it.
  • This is a new kind of Garlic Bread and we totally recommend it.


Chikni Chameli

  • One thing that we assure you about The Socialite dishes is that they are unique and tasty. Chikni Chameli is one of them.
  • Filled with Creamy Paneer Bhurji with Tikka Sauce in a Syringe (Wink Wink).
  • Try it if you love creamy and spicy stuff.


Overloaded Threesome Sandwich

  • Not too good not too bad.
  • Served with lots of Lays Magic Masala chips
  • A good quantity of chopped veggies and Mayonnaise were used as fillings.


Malai Broccoli

  • This is surely a unique dish for those who love Broccoli
  • Tandoor Broccoli pieces are topped with cream.
  • We found it a little less creamy and wasn’t able to tingle our taste buds.


Retro Platter & Metro Platter

When it comes to Main Course, they don’t have too many options. Two of them are Retro Platter (Dal Makhni) and Metro Platter (Paneer Butter Masala). With all the cool starters on the menu that promise to fill your stomach to the core, this is undoubtedly not a bad deal.

  • Platter consists of Circa Onion, Mint Chutney, Papad and Lachha Paratha
  • We liked Dal Makhni which was really creamy and authentic in taste.
  • Paneer Butter Masala was somewhat sweet in taste which we personally don’t like.


Chocolate Bomb

  • Last but not the least, we had this awesome dessert.
  • Perfect combination of hot Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Ice cream.
  • Not too sweet which is actually good. You will like it for sure.


How They Served?

The service was prompt, staff was knowledgeable and humble, the presentation was awesome. We liked the way the dishes were served; be it Foundue, wooden plates, the rickshaw puller, etc.


What We Liked?

  • For those who love beers, they have tremendous offers running almost every day of the week: Beer at 99, Beer Bladder Burst with unlimited beer at 599, Boys Monday Funday with Unlimited beer at Rs.599, Ladies Night, etc.
  • The dishes are stomach filling and yum.
  • We loved the way they serve the dishes. Simply awesome.

What we Disliked?

  • None coming to our mind
  • Being a hardcore non-vegetarian, I would say, it’s a vegetarian cafe.


4th Floor, Patni Chamber, SBI Bank Building, Opposite Ford Showroom, Laxmi Mandir, Tonk Road, Jaipur.

Our Verdict

Unique dishes with great presentation is what appealed us the most along with the interiors. With great offers such as unlimited beers at 599. The cafe is different, so are the names of dishes on the menu and the way they are served. It’s a must-visit cafe for those who are looking don’t want burning hole in their pocket yet enjoy socializing.



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  1. Wow! Such a charming place, Rajni! This is an awesome review which inspired me to add this place to my bucket list when in Jaipur!

    • It is actually a wonderful place to sit back, relax and socialize whilst enjoying the wonderful delicacies. Highly recommendable!

  2. I always hate reading such posts..these are so mouth watering and with such great pics reading becomes secondary and I get lost in my own thoughts…anyways my vote goes to the threesome sandwich and the chikni chameli..

    • Thank you for hating the blog post. We hope to make you hate more of our blog posts. (Wink, wink!) Anyways, we loved the delicacies and their names too.


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