Simbliss Farms: A Perfect Weekend Getaway Near Manesar

Remember our blog posts on Ekam at Chail and Camp Fairview in Shimla? Well, we are restless souls and StayOnSkill knows it well. So, recently, they organised our trip to Manesar where we stayed in one of the luxurious farmhouse, Simbliss with in-house swimming pool.

Arjun Tuli and Rajshree Bothra from StayOnSkill shared some pictures of the property with us and we were super-excited to visit the farmhouse. Sanjana Sud, owner of Simbliss Farm suggested us to bring along some friends. So, we asked our friends (Jaishree Pandit and Sunil Nayak) who are our travel buddies and close friends to join us and they agreed.

We packed our bags and headed to Manesar on 16th November at around 2 PM. At a local Dhaba where we stopped-by for tea and snacks, some people that were coming from Delhi told us about huge traffic jam on highway and suggested us to take another route.

We took a detour which was comparatively longer and we got late. Simbliss Farms is in interiors, but the directions given (on our email) by Sanjana Sud  were of great help. Full points given to Sanjana for perfect route map.

Without further adieu, let’s talk about our experience on Simbliss Farms.

First Impressions

The moment we reached, Rakesh ji who is the caretaker of the property opened the gate and welcomed us. He lives at Simbliss 24 x 7. As Manesar is not too far from Jaipur, we were not tired and we checked out the property.

The first thing we noticed was lit-up swimming pool seeing which we knew the next day would be fun.

delhi weekend gateway resort

Thereafter, Rakeshji helped us with our bags. The glimpse of spacious rooms with a nice sit-out near the windows left us amazed and small artifacts kept here and there added to the beauty of the rooms.

A Bit More About The Property

Simbliss Farms is tucked away in the interiors of Manesar which is away from the hustle bustle of the city. The moment you will enter the gates of Simbliss Farms, you will relate to what I mean when I say, it’s indeed a place where you can enjoy solitude.

delhi weekend gateway resort

The farm has a big lawn, clean swimming pool, Barbeque pits, spacious kitchen with all amenities, villa with big rooms with simple yet beautiful interiors, etc. Let’s talk them in details.

Swimming Pool

First thing you will notice in Simbliss Farms is its large swimming pool with crystal clear water in it. Rakesh ji, the caretaker told us that the pool is cleaned on a daily basis which is actually a big thing.

delhi weekend gateway resort

Besides, there is an open bar next to the swimming pool where you can sit and enjoy your favourite drinks. Cool, isn’t it?

delhi weekend gateway resort


Second thing you will notice in Simbliss Farms is a big villa. There is no paint work done thus given the natural look. Actually, we liked the brickwork which gives the villa vintage and rusty look.

delhi weekend gateway resort

delhi weekend gateway resort

delhi weekend gateway resort

The villa has 4 ensuite bedrooms that are spacious and the decor is kept as simple as possible. You will find a nice sit-out near the windows in all the bedrooms. The decor is tastefully done and Rakesh ji keeps all the rooms clean.

delhi weekend gateway resort

delhi weekend gateway resort

delhi weekend gateway resort

delhi weekend gateway resort

Beautiful artifacts and vintage decor items are kept in all the rooms even in the common area of the villa which surely adds to the beauty.

delhi weekend gateway resort

delhi weekend gateway resort

delhi weekend gateway resort

Villa is built in such a way that you can lock it from inside. If you have booked all the rooms and want to enjoy the party, you can lock it from inside and you don’t bother about the security.

delhi weekend gateway resort

Full day backup of electricity is there so that the visitors don’t have to face the problem.




There is no option for food, but they have a spacious kitchen with all the amenities. There is a stove top along with a microwave, oven, electric kettle and toaster. All the kitchen essentials like sugar, tea, coffee, spices, utensils are available. They also have a small kitchen garden at the backside where fresh carrots, cabbage, radish, etc. are grown.

delhi weekend gateway resort

You can bring your own food or ready-to-eat stuff and have it or else you can connect with the owner Sanjana who will help you in arranging the cook (You got to pay extra money for the cook).

Outdoor Area

There is a very big lawn area in the farmhouse with various kinds of fruits, herbs, etc. grown here and there. There is Barbeque pit available near pool area. You can ask Rakesh ji to help you in setting up the Barbeque.

delhi weekend gateway resort

Bonfire can also be arranged upon request. All you need to do is to shell out INR 1000 for the bonfire.

Our Experience

We had a great time at Simbliss Farms. Want to know what we did during our stay there?


The first thing we did when we were high on energy, i.e. in the morning was a fun-filled football game. We were kicking the football aimlessly here and there, but it was a great ‘burn the calories’ session.

delhi weekend gateway resort

delhi weekend gateway resort

delhi weekend gateway resort

Pool Time

Thereafter, we headed to the pool area where me and our friend, Jaishree made the plan. Want to know what’s the plan?

To push Rajni into the pool and capture the moment.

The plan was successful, I pushed Rajni into the pool and everyone had a great dose of laughter. Then, I too jumped into the pool. There began the fun and the photo-session. 

delhi weekend gateway resort

delhi weekend gateway resort

Bakar Session

Then we did a big-time bakar sessions first at the poolside then on the ground. Chit-chat along with the beer at poolside added to the fun element.

delhi weekend gateway resort

How to Reach?

As mentioned above, Simbliss Farms is in the interiors. If you are wondering, how to reach then here is the route map that Sanjana shared with us. We are sharing the same with you. Check it out.  

  1. Once you cross Manesar toll booth on the highway, go straight for about 10 kms.
  2. Keep following the signboards for KFC.
  3. Take the by-lane on the left from KFC near petrol pump.
  4. You should then see a board for Best Western Country Club Resort
  5. Take a left on Tauru Road.
  6. Follow the Best Western signs.  (Don’t go to Palwal highway).
  7. Continue on Tauru road.
  8. Cross a local village market.
  9. Follow the signs to Best Western Country Club Resort. (It is 5 km straight from there).
  10. Enter Best Western Country Club gate on the left and Simbliss Farms is a 5 minute driver from there.

Sounds complicated? Well, it isn’t! Still, you can use Google or ask local people and they’ll help you out in reaching your destination.

delhi weekend gateway resort

delhi weekend gateway resort

How to Book?

Loved the property, right? Want to know how to book it for your next holiday. Click below to know more about Simbliss Farms and get your bookings done.

Book Simbliss Farms on AirBNB


Here’s a quick wrap up. By now you know that we liked the Simbliss Farms to the core.

From people at StayOnSkill to the owner of the Simbliss Farm, Sanjana Sud and caretaker Rakeshji, everyone shared their bit to make our trip wonderful. The property is indeed fabulous. If you want to take a break from the monotony and avoid the hustle and bustle of the cities, yet enjoy with your family/friends; head on to Simbliss farms.

It’s a perfect getaway where you have nothing much to do; swim, play, cook, eat, sleep, enjoy and REPEAT!

delhi weekend gateway resort

Yogesh Mankani
No words describe me best than a hardcore biker. My mind, body and soul sync in when I am on my bike. Each time I set out on my journey and when I come back, I am a totally different person. It's really difficult for me to pen down my feeling when I am on my bike. Who cares about the destination. For me it's all about ride!

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  1. Such a detailed review of the property .Would love to stay here over a weekend as it’s closer to my location. Didn’t know such an awesome property is just miles away and loved the pictures.

  2. Pool is simply luring ..and the rustic interiors makes it looks classy and elegant .. amazing place for a weekend getaway.

    • You bet! Check it out sometime. Plan your weekend, we are sure, you’ll love it. We are simply in love with the property. It’s perfect for weekend getaways.

    • We try to keep our readers engaged with unique and cool stuff. Thank you for the appreciation. You should definitely plan a stay at Simbliss Farms

    • We try to keep our readers engaged with unique and cool stuff. Thank you for the appreciation. You should definitely plan a stay at Simbliss Farms.

  3. That’s such a wonderlful stay and being in the vicinity of Delhi NCR its a pure gem for the people to spend the weekend….I loved the vintage brick walls complementing the sprawling garden.


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