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Rockvilla Cottage, Landour : An Artistic Abode With Enchanting Views

rockvilla homestay landour mussoorie

Being a traveller, we like to make our special days like birthdays, new year, etc., more special by travelling to some newer places. That’s what we did on Karwachauth as well. Remember our article on Karwachauth Bike Ride: Our Perfect Blend Of Adventure And Tradition ?

Yes, it has always been less of materialistic gifts or dine outs and has always been adventurous kind of a thing. But this year has made everyone sit back home and wait for the dust to settle. Things have not turned out to be the way we expected and all the plans got cancelled due to the spread of life-threatening disease. Sitting back home, we are recalling the days when we made memories for life.

It’s Yogesh’s birthday month and recalling our last year trip to Uttarakhand has brought a broad smile on our face. We were checking out the pictures of the trip and thought of writing about our experience. So, let’s get down to the memory lane and see what we did last year in the same month.

Last year, we went to a beautiful town, Landour near Mussoorie.

While planning our trip, we finalised the beautiful property that goes by the name Rockvilla by Baaya. we checked the pictures of the property and liked them. So, we decided to book it for 2 nights.

A day before Yogesh’s birthday, we started our journey towards Landour. This time we choose the car as our mode of transport as Yogesh had some work in Uttarakhand for a few days later and he had to go to some interior places.

We started our journey around 2 AM in the morning (as usual) and it took around 11 hours to reach our destination. We took Upper Ganga canal route which we loved and since then we are taking the same route.

rockvilla homestay landour mussoorie

First Impressions

After a long drive, we reached around 2 PM in the afternoon. We had our lunch on the way en route Dehradun. Yes, we kept munching in in the car 🙂

Rock Villa by Baaya is a property sitting amidst the dense forest with innumerable pine, oak and deodar trees that stand tall to make it look like it is well nested.

The trees appear to be protecting the property from the chaos and pollution and its definitely one place that you should definitely visit once the lockdown is lifted. 

rockvilla homestay landour mussoorie

There, all you get to see is a natural beauty around, the snow-covered peaks at the horizon, dense forest, different birds chirping, animals enjoying the free life.

Away from the hustle and bustle, Rockvilla is sure to steal your heart and make you fall in love with it in the first glimpse itself. Located at the Jabarkhet Estate, this beautiful property is the whizkid of the owners – Vipul and Shibani Jain.

The interiors are tastefully curated by Baaya and the entire property is managed by Sunita, the owner of La Villa Bethany, Landour (another mesmerising property in Landour).

Long balcony and terrace offer a beautiful view of Doon valley all the time but the most spectacular scenes you witness is during sunset and the night time (when the stars fill up the sky).

rockvilla homestay landour mussoorie

Also, you get free cuddles thrown in by the resident dogs. To be frank, being pet lovers, we loved it and those cute furry balls literally make you go crazy. 

rockvilla homestay landour mussoorie

rockvilla homestay landour mussoorie

Our Experience

No matter, how nice the property is, in the end, what matters the most is the experience. On reaching, we were offered the fresh Rhododendron (Buransh) juice as a welcome drink and after a while, we were served coffee with some chocolate chips.

rockvilla homestay landour mussoorie

At the villa, we were greeted by Bhagchand Ji, the chef cum manager whose family takes care of the property and caters to the needs of the guests. One thing we liked about Rock Villa is that they have employed locals from nearby villages only.

These Pahadi people are so sweet-natured and caring and they make sure you get best-in-class hospitality without being artificial. The smile they wear is so genuine and you’re sure to be taken by awe with their sweet nature.

rockvilla homestay landour mussoorie

While we were there for two nights, they spoiled us with lots of local Pahadi cuisine which included rare things that we hadn’t heard of leave aside tried. We will be covering the food section later.

A Bit More About the Property

This luxurious home has three artistic rooms with attached washrooms, big dining cum living area, wonderful kitchen area, terrace and a small cosy corner on the terrace.

The exterior part of the property is as wonderful as the interior. Having introduced you all with the property let me now give you the small tour to the property with some amazing pictures and brief description. Hit the jump!

The moment you step in, you will see a big dining cum living area with open kitchen where the food is cooked right in front of the guests.

rockvilla homestay landour mussoorie

From comfy seating to the nice dining area, lightings, small artefacts, wall hangings, everything is well crafted and placed properly in a well-planned manner. That’s not all; the rooms too will leave you dazed.

rockvilla homestay landour mussoorie

rockvilla homestay landour mussoorie

Here’s a glimpse of theme-based rooms at RockVilla

Gond Room

As the name says, this room is based on Gond theme that reflects the art of the tribals of Madhya Pradesh. There are beautiful wall paintings that depict the Gond art and look fabulous. The washroom has a big peacock and tree paining that again is the masterpiece of Gond art.

rockvilla homestay landour mussoorie

rockvilla homestay landour mussoorie

Mosaic Room

The room is based on the mosaic theme which is the curated art from different parts of the country. Step in and you will get to see everything based on mosaic art. Move further and you will get to see the beautiful mosaic art. In fact, the entire bath area depicts the mosaic art. Gosh, it’s a perfect visual treat.

rockvilla homestay landour mussoorie

rockvilla homestay landour mussoorie

Blue Pottery Room

Based on famous blue pottery art, this room reflects the artisanal work from Jaipur city, India. From small lamp to flower vase, decorative stuff, etc. everything revolves around this theme.

rockvilla homestay landour mussoorie

Each and every room is based on different themes and looks visually stunning. The cosy comfy rooms will tempt you to sit back, relax and just enjoy the artwork. However, the exteriors too will tempt you a lot won’t let you stay in for long.

Exterior of the Property

Now comes the exterior part from where you get to witness the breathtaking view.

The property offers breathtaking views of the Himalayas and the Doon Valley. The terrace area has a simple sundeck which adds a charm to the property. It’s an ideal place to rejuvenate yourself, enjoy warm indoor stays.

rockvilla homestay landour mussoorie

Check out the photos below to get a glimpse of the property. 

rockvilla homestay landour mussoorie

rockvilla homestay landour mussoorie

rockvilla homestay landour mussoorie

rockvilla homestay landour mussoorie

Within the property, there is a separate area where the staff members stay. Along with it, there is a room for stay if you have drivers or nannies with you who have joined you for the trip.

The Rockvilla by Baaya can accommodate between 6 – 10 people. In fact, it is the perfect getaway for families and friends.

Things To Do When you are at Rockvilla Cottage

You’ll never be satisfied with the number of hours/days you spend at Rockvilla. However, if you want to go out and explore more of the vicinity area, you can go for the nature walk around, go bird watching, etc.

rockvilla homestay landour mussoorie

rockvilla homestay landour mussoorie

You can also trek the Jaberkhet Nature Reserve. It’s a privately owned nature reserve with various trails around such as Leopard trail, Bear trail, Rhododendron trail.  Soon, we will be coming up with the post on the Jabberkhet Nature Reserve Trek as well.

rockvilla homestay landour mussoorie

You can also go to Landour town and do cafe-hopping. There are various cafes around and some of them are from the British times. We did cafe-hopping for a day and we will be writing on the same soon to guide you all on the cafes to visit.

Before I forget, you can go to the bookstore nearby where you can meet the renowned writer, Ruskin Bond. Yes, you heard that right.

I don’t remember the days when he is there. Ask the locals there and if you are lucky, you can get to meet him  at the bookstore.


At Rockvilla, you get to relish local Garhwali specialities or a continental three-course meal curated by resident chef, Mr Bhagchand. He serves food with such a sweet smile that you literally don’t feel like saying no and forget how much you have eaten.

rockvilla homestay landour mussoorie

Also, you are sure to get spoiled with the amazing food options. They have so many vegetarian and non-vegetarian options that you can’t say no to.

During our stay, one night, they prepared Garhwali dinner including vegetarian and non-vegetarian that tickled our taste-buds.

rockvilla homestay landour mussoorie

We had Bang ki Chutney and Nettle-leave Kebabs (Bichubutti in Hindi, people in hilly regions surely have heard about this) that we never heard of. Not like they will make you high but are super delicious.

How to Reach Rockvilla By Baaya?

It is located in Jabarkhet Estate, Mussoorie, 5.1 km from Mussoorie Mall Road and 5.5 km from Camel’s Back Road. You can reach by rented car or by your own vehicle. The nearest airport is Dehradun Airport which is 61.2 km from here.

Check Rockvilla by Baaya website for more information.


Well, we spent 2 nights there and we loved it so much that we wanted to extend our stay. If Yogesh didn’t have to go further for some work in other parts of Uttarakhand, we surely would have extended our stay.

Yes, this place has everything a person looks for in their stay: Peaceful place, Himalayan and valley views, lots of open space to enjoy time with your family and friends, nature walks around and if that is not enough, food will make you drool over.

rockvilla homestay landour mussoorie

rockvilla homestay landour mussoorie

rockvilla homestay landour mussoorie

rockvilla homestay landour mussoorie

There are a lot many things to do around like cafe-hopping in Landour or choosing your favourite trail in Jabharkhet Nature Reserve or visiting fancy hill station, Mussoorie is just stone’s throw away.

We have started jotting down our experiences, reviews travelogues during this lockdown period and will be coming up with more and more write-ups. Stay connected!


  1. My bawra mann just to want to run to this place right away .. I am a die hard fan of tribal art and the room which had gond art will be my fav .. the place looks so quaint and charming .. I shall definitely like to go and stay here sometime in the future .. what a property !!

  2. This was an interesting read ❤️ Will surely check this property out when me and my extended family plan a trip to the hills again, obviously now after this lockdown ends

  3. Rock Villa by Baaya Looks like an awesome property to spend time in the nature. I would love a getaway currently and be in the nature. Anyway hope you have a good birthday celebration at home.

    • Hey Raksha, it is really a place to be at. You will love it to the core. Yeps, this birthday with family was a different one with homemade cake and other delicacies on the table. Simple yet fun!

  4. Wow! That first image really looks amazing. And really loved how pretty much steps in any direction seem to become nature walks. And the food looks delicious 🙂

  5. You guys definitely made us love Landour all the more and this villa is just perfect. We can’t wait to plan a weekend trip here and bask into the beauty of this charming village.

  6. It’s a shame how I still haven’t been to Landour- considering how many people have recommended it to me already! Rockvilla seems like the perfect place for an artistic getaway, and the bathtub had me sold!! Will definitely refer back to your blog once the corona nightmare is over!

    • Avantika, Landour and stay at Rockvilla are highly recommended. It’s never too late. Once the lockdown gets lifted, do plan your visit and don’t forget to tell us your experience.

  7. Ahaaaaa. Such a quaint little property surrounded my the forests, and that too with such killer views. Love the blue pottery inspired interiors. Gives it a unique touch, unlike modern hotels. TBH you had me at the first line itself, when you said you were welcomed with a glass of Buraansh Sherbat – Its liquid orgasm. Would love to stay here for sure.

    • Hey Arnav, we too were amazed on seeing the property and the artwork in each room. The theme-based rooms are a visual treat. You should definitely plan a stay at RockVilla and the best experience is assured.

  8. What a charming place and the photos are out of paradise! At least your blog is helping me travel to North India this quarentine!

    • Parita, undoubtedly the place is awesome and the hospitality is cherry on the cake! Also, glad you are liking our blog posts. North India is genuinely worth visiting.

  9. Thats an amazing property indeed. I could sit in the bathtub with a book in my hand entire day in the Blue Pottery Room. It looks so amazing. And those droolworthy food , just made me hungry now at 11pm.

    • Hey Tanayesh you’re gonna have the best experience and will get confused whether to sit back in one room or explore more of the property. Adding to it, the local food is simply mouth-watering. 🙂

    • Thanks Pam. Rockvilla is super luxurious with comfort and lip-smacking food. You should definitely plan a visit.


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