Reza by MasterChef Ajay Chopra: An Exquisite Dining Place for Jaipurites

We are sure you all know about MasterChef Ajay Chopra. Now you may ask what’s the news! Well, he has something cool for Jaipurites. Reza-The Progressive Kitchen, a new fine dining restaurant in the town that’s the latest buzz.

Recently, we got a chance to experience Reza cuisine and the cherry on the cake was meeting with MasterChef Ajay Chopra.


Not only this, we enjoyed the interactive session with him about why did he choose Jaipur to open up a restaurant, about recipes, food preparation, dishes served at Reza and much more.

Want to know more about our experience and how was the food? If yes, sit back and simply scroll down.

First Impressions

Reza is on the main Calgiri road so easy to locate, you will see the big billboard that is visible even from a distance. Though, finding a parking spot is a little tricky.

As you step in, you will notice the exquisite interiors that you’ll love at first instance. Besides, there is a rooftop from where you get a spectacular view of the Aravali ranges and the city.  



Both the indoors and outdoors have a huge seating area where there are different types of settings. Choose your seat, sit back and relax. A small water cascade in between outdoor seating looks beautiful at night and gives a fresh feel to the restaurant. They play soothing tracks that add to the experience.


And Then We Ate…

We tasted many delicacies while discussing with MasterChef Ajay Chopra that how it is prepared and what are the thoughts behind it. Let’s run down to them quickly.

Bonda Soup

  • This was a combination of Rasam and Bonda which was totally unique.
  • It tastes yummy and has a little sweet taste as you find in South India.
  • Small pieces of Pineapple were adding to the taste.
  • You should try it out if you want to taste something unique in soups.


Arhar ki Galavat

  • It’s veg Galouti Kebab that we found okay in taste.
  • Addition of more spices could have done wonders.


BBQ Soya Chap

  • It was not too good not too bad.
  • You can try it if you are a Soya Chap lover.
  • We recommend making it more spicy.


Wok Tossed Chicken with Elements of Misal

  • You should try it if you are looking to taste something totally different yet super yummy.
  • It was boneless Chicken with elements or ingredients used in Misal Pao such as Dal, Namkeen, etc.
  • It was spicy in taste and tasted delicious.


Sarso Machi Tikka

  • Another must try if you love non-vegetarian starter.
  • We haven’t tasted such tender fish that melted in the mouth as soon as you have it.
  • It is not too much spicy, but the softness of fish will make you drool over it.
  • We recommend it totally to all non-vegetarian lovers.


Dum Ka Paneer

  • Paneer was soft which is difficult to find these days.
  • It was okayish in taste.
  • You can try it if you love Paneer.


Rawalpindi Channa Masala

  • This is the first time we’ve seen Kala Channa used in the Channa Masala.
  • It was great in taste and you should try if you are ordering vegetarian main course.
  • It was little sour in taste with adequate spices and you’ll love it.


Vilayati Pakoda Kadhi

  • This is a mixture of Kadhi and instead of Pakoda, vegetables are used like Broccoli. Capsicum, etc.
  • This is one of the best dishes served at Reza which is totally recommended.
  • Kadhi was adequately sour as it has to be and we loved the taste.


Jaipur Laal Maans

  • This is one of the type of Laal Maans from one of their five flavours. Yes, they have five flavours of Laal Maans.
  • It was not too spicy as Laal Maans has to be but quite good in taste.
  • Mutton was properly marinated and it was not chewy at all.


Tari Wala Desi Kukkad

  • Basically, a Chicken Curry dish which was super yummy.
  • Again, Chicken pieces were marinated properly and very soft.
  • Totally recommend it if you are ordering non-vegatarian in the main course.


Chicken Tikka Risotto

  • We are not a big fan of Risotto but the moment we tasted this, we were sold.
  • Chicken Tikka pieces in the Risotto tasted super yummy.
  • This is a must try to and we totally recommended it.


Other than these we tried Shadiwala Pulao and Paneer Tikka Risotto which were equally good.

Dahi Handi

  • This is a live dessert that chef made in front of us using 20-30 types of ingredients like White Chocolate, Yoghurt Nitro Ball, Berry Shrikhand, Aamras Gel, Strawberry Cheese, etc.
  • This is definitely a must try dessert if you are in the group.
  • It is bit expensive, but then you won’t regret paying the money once you see it live in making, its presentation and taste.


Textures of Milk

  • It is a unique dessert that tasted yummy.
  • It is made of Kesar Milk Foam, Elaichi Milk Mousse, Mishri Mawa and Kotta Panna Milk.
  • This is totally recommended, though the portion is very small.


Moong Dal Halwa Tart

  • Never tasted such yummy tart ever.
  • Totally recommend if you like Moong Dal Halwa which is not oily and sweet in taste.


Other than these desserts, we tried two more named Oops!! I Dropped My Banana Cone and Masala Chai Creme Brûlée that tasted yum, but the above ones stole our heart.

How They Served?

We loved the fact that the service was fast. Staff was knowledgeable, presentable and humble. They knew what they were serving. They stole the show by the way they presented each dish.

Dahi Handi was the stealer which was unique in terms of presentation and making live in front of us.

What We Liked?

  • Unique presentation that makes the dishes even better before tasting.
  • Huge indoor seating area which is posh and comfortable.
  • Terrace seating is awesome too with a view of Aravali mountains.
  • Dahi Handi was the show stealer and we totally recommended.
  • A haven for non-vegetarians, all non-vegetarians were too awesome.

What We Disliked?

  • Vegetarian dishes need more improvement.


5th Floor, Shivam Business Centre, Calgiri Road, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur.

Our Verdict

When you get to know that MasterChef has come up with the restaurant in the town, definitely the expectations rise very high. Reza indeed has met all our expectations.

We loved the location, view that it offers, from outdoor seating, posh interiors with comfortable seatings, etc. Most of the dishes were amazingly delicious and desserts were awesome. Music played there was soothing.


We totally recommend this place if you are looking for fine dining restaurants to eat, drink, and party. Hit this place with your family and friends.

You never know you may get to meet celebrity chef Ajay Chopra.


REZA Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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