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Satisfy Your Chinese Food Cravings At Purple Wok Co. Jaipur


We have to confess that Chinese food is our weakness and we love it for the fact that most of the Chinese dishes satisfy our taste buds but only if they are prepared in an authentic way.

Every now and then, we have Chinese hunger attacks and we feel the temptation of trying out a new places that offer Chinese cuisines.

If not, then, we can be spotted in our favorite Chinese corner. Remember our last visit to the Chinese Restaurant we talked about a few days back? Yes, I am talking about Beijing Bites! Check our review of Beijing Bites which is another great outlet for Chinese food.

Recently, we heard about the new Chinese outlet in the town that goes by the name, Purple Wok Co. So, we planned to give it a try to see what’s there in store. So, here we are with our review on the servings at Purple Wok Co.


First Impressions

The location of Purple Wok is such that you can easily spot it. The moment you enter, you are sure to be amazed by vibrant colours. It is a simple outlet with tempting food pictures on the walls. The colour scheme (Purple & Yellow) gives you the perfect visual treat.



And Then We Ate…

Wok to be precise! The menu is kept minimalist but might appear confusing in the first go. Same was the case with but then Megha Poddar (Owner of Purple Wok Co.) helped us with the choice of ingredients for our Wok. If you are going there and in case you find it confusing, just ask their staff members, and they will be happy to help.

There are some steps you need to follow to get your Wok.

  • First, choose the base, i.e Flat Noodles/Rice/Hakka Noodles
  • Next, choose your veggies like broccoli, spinach, french beans, cabbage, etc.
  • Now, it’s time to choose your sauce. There are various options available like spicy, very spicy, extra spicy, etc.
  • Next, choose your proteins like Paneer/chicken/fish/prawns.
  • Lastly, pick the sprinkles like spring onion, fried garlic, ginger, etc.

And you are done!


Coming to our servings, we first ordered our Wok and Sippies.

Flat Noodles With Volcano Sauce (Chicken)

  • We chose Flat Noodles as a base with Volcano Sauce which is the most spicy sauce in their menu.
  • Perfectly cooked Noodles.
  • Volcano Sauce was indeed the spiciest which we actually liked a lot.
  • Loved the overall blending of Flat Noodles, Volcano Sauce with Veggies, Chicken and Sprinkles.


Hakka Noodles With Volcano Sauce (Veg)

  • As Rajni is vegetarian, she chose veggies like Broccoli, Baby Corn, Carrot and French Beans.
  • Volcano Sauce was her choice of sauce too and as I told you above, this is one of the best Sauces they have.
  • Despite a hard core non-vegetarian, I liked the Veg Wok too.
  • Hakka Noodles were perfectly cooked with a smoky taste.


Rice With Hunan Sauce (Prawns)

  • By this time, I knew well how to create a perfect Wok 😉
  • If you are there, do try this combination which is the best: Rice with Hunan Sauce, choose Prawns/Paneer/Veggies as your preference. In veggies, I chose Onions, Mushrooms and Capsicum. As Sprinkles, my choice was Fried Ginger and Coriander.
  • Try this and you will thank me later. One of the most tasty Wok I ever had.


Purple Wok Fat Burner

  • This is the only option they have in hot drinks, which they claim is a fat burner.
  • It has Lemon, Ginger and Honey as ingredients.
  • Rajni liked it very much which you should try after having a sumptuous meal here.


Kala Khatta (Black Currant)

  • I never get bored with Kala Khatta and glad they have in their menu.
  • Kala Khatta had that authentic and tangy taste.
  • This is a must-try for those who love Kala Khatta.


Other that these, we tried Crazy Blue and Kiwi Purple Wok Sippies which were OK in taste just like any other Soda-based drink.


Oh yes, last but not the least, we had Fortune Cookies too. It is basically a crisp cookie with a paper inside with traditional Chinese phrases. This reminded me of fortune cookies on Facebook which I used to check everyday 🙂


How They Served?

At Purple Wok Co., there is self-service. Customers need to go to the counter, place their order and get their Wok/ Sippies. The staff is really generous and will help you choose the best combination for your Wok if you are confused.

One thing which we liked about Purple Wok Co. was ordering process was quick and you don’t have to wait for long to get your order.


What We Liked?

  • First and the foremost thing that we liked is that customers don’t have to bind to specific ingredients instead they can choose the ingredients of their Wok. There are thousands of possible combinations that you can try. Literally!
  • The colour scheme of interiors with a touch of minimalism adds to the experience.
  • The staff is helpful and has good knowledge about the combinations of ingredients.
  • The place is hygienic and we could spot nothing messy around.
  • Even the Regular size wok has enough quantity for one person.
  • Last but not the least, it’s not heavy on your pockets.

What we Disliked?

  • The only thing we can add here is that there are no dessert options available. Wish there were some cool dessert for the sweet-toothed people like us!


G-5, Shri Gopal Tower, Krishna Marg, Ahinsa Circle, C-Scheme, Jaipur.

Our Verdict

Overall, it was a nice experience. This is a new concept in the town as customers can choose different ingredients on different visits which sounds happening and is indeed not going to give them the monotonous feeling. Guys, this is one pocket-friendly eating joint right in the center of the town. So, what’s the wait for, grab your Wok now! We are sure, you are gonna love it.



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