Meraaki Kitchen: Where Food Connects With Your Soul

Lucien Tendret rightly said:

To give life to beauty, the painter uses a whole range of colours, musicians of sounds, the cook of tastes – and it is indeed remarkable that there are seven colours, seven musical notes, and seven tastes.

Cooking is an art and artist is the creator of beautiful things. To be a chef requires craftsmanship and knowing the chemistry of what ingredients work together does the trick.

Restaurants today are experimenting with sight, texture, smell, sound and other stimuli to manipulate to make the eater’s experience surpass the moment.

One of the largest standalone restaurants nationwide is a flagship venture by two beautiful girls, Shivika Kothari and Neha Deepak Shah. Meraaki Kitchen gets its name from the Greek word Meraki, which means,

“the soul, creativity, or love put into something; the essence of yourself that is put into your work.”


While Shivika studied her Hospitality Administration at Boston University in Massachusetts, USA, Neha is the first runner-up of Masterchef India Season 4.

Meraaki Kitchen is one of the latest restaurants in Jaipur city where you have not been served just the food, but they promise to evoke and stimulate all your senses. Recently, we happened to be there at the Meraaki Kitchen to taste the delicacies they offer and here’s our review.

First Impressions

From the moment we stepped in, to the time we stepped out, we were in awe. Pardon me, if you find me sounding bit biased as I was really impressed with each and every bit of our evening at Meraaki Kitchen.

From interior to food, service, hygiene, care, hospitality, everything was so perfect. This, however, doesn’t at all mean that I won’t be doing justice on the review part.

I will be giving genuine reviews so that whenever you stop by, you know which delicacies are must-haves and which all you can miss out.


And Then We Ate…

So, here I go from the very first delicacy to the dessert. Before trying out the delicacies, we were served, Aam Panna Chuski and Kala Khatta drink which was tangy and tasty. A perfect companion that you should order with your food.


Biryani Arancini

  • The fried ball stuffed with Briyani was crispy and yummy.
  • It was served on a piece of marble. Yes, literally and we loved the idea.
  • Biryani perfectly blended with Achari Mayo.


Vada Pao Sliders

  • It looked cute and tempting. A small Vada Pao served pretty well.
  • Authentic Mumbai style was intact.
  • Peanut chutney was served along to add to the taste.



  • Never seen such a Stuffed Naan in such a small size.
  • A bit spicy and loved the presentation.
  • It was decent that you can try once.


Wasabi Dahi Papdi & Sevpuri Tacos

  • You get the real taste of Dahi Papdi and Sevpuri once you have them.
  • Their authentic taste makes them worth trying out.



  • There were two types of Dimsums.
  • They were served in a bamboo box along with red spicy chutney that added to the taste.
  • The stuffing was different, but delicious to the core.
  • Highly recommended.


Dal Makhani Fondue

  • Dal Makhni was not much different. However, were served in a style which made it look relishing.
  • Dal Makhni was served in a container which had burning, portable stove beneath to keep it hot.
  • It was served with Butter Naan, Potato Wedges, and small Pao pieces.


Beetroot Pasta  – New Menu

  • Never imagined beetroot could be an ingredient of one of the most relishing dishes.
  • It was not there in the current menu. It’s the part of new menu which Meraaki Kitchen is soon gonna come up with.
  • Looked tempting and tasted simply wow!


Dessert – Melting Chocolate Ball

  • The hot melting chocolate ball served in a unique way was highly impressing.
  • The dessert was rendered by the hot caramel sauce poured over the chocolate ball that melts in no time.
  • The ball comprised of brownies, vanilla ice-cream, and dry fruits.
  • The ball was surrounded by biscuits that were made there in the kitchen and not bought from the market.


We were also served, Aparagus, Paneer Tikka, Kadhi Chawal Risotto and Tempura Crunchy which were equally good. However, Hot Melting Chocolate Ball stole the show.


How They Served?

The service staff was prompt. As each delicacy was being served, we were told about the ingredients and how they are prepared. Each staff member had knowledge of dishes that were served. All the delicacies were presented a unique way. A perfect visual treat it was!

What We Liked?

  • Hospitality
  • High-quality food
  • Atmosphere of elegance and grace
  • Prompt and friendly staff

What we Disliked?

  • The menu at first might leave you bewildered as to what would be there in store for you.
  • It’s a bit heavy on the pockets
  • It’s a completely vegetarian restaurant. We would love to see non-vegetarian dishes on the menu.


27, Madrampura, Ajmer Road, Civil Lines, Jaipur, Rajasthan. For more details, you can log on to :!

Our Verdict

We believe that the way we have described how delicious the food items were and the images pinned along have done the real justice. To sum up, I would say that Meraaki Kitchen is one of the most exquisite fine dining restaurants in Jaipur that is definitely worth checking out.



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  1. Loved the article and specially that beetroot pasta picture is so colorful . All the food looks so tempting would love to try it out. Well described keep it up.

    • Thank you so much, we are glad that you liked the article. Beetroot Pasta and Hot Melting Chocolate Ball was one of the best we have tasted so far. You should try it when you are in Jaipur 🙂


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