Jaipurites Show Their Cooking Talent At Food Fiesta Event By LivingFoodz

On Sunday evening, we were invited to be the part of the mouth-watering event called Food Fiesta held at Holiday Inn, Jaipur. Why I called the event mouth-watering? Well, it was all about yummy delicacies and meeting two celebrity chefs – Gautam Mehrishi and Ranveer Brar.

Food Fiesta was organized by the famous food channel – Livingfoodz. It was a wonderful gathering with lovely people coming from every part of the Pink City.

Celebrity chefs Ranveer Brar and Gautam Mehrishi were in Pink City on a hunt for cooking talents for the 2nd edition of Food Fiesta by Living Foodz.

Chef Gautam Mehrishi on Stage

The first celebrity chef which comes to the stage was Gautam Mehrishi. The moment Gautam Mehrishi entered the hall, everyone got enthralled and welcomed him with a huge round of applause.

Being a Jaipur lad himself, chef Gautam revealed in the session that he loves the Laal Maas here and the sweets especially from Rawat Misthan Bhandar.

Gautam Mehrishi started with small introduction, interacting with the audience and proceeded further to set the stage on fire with his first delicacy – Tikki.

Unexpectedly, it wasn’t the Aloo Tikki but a Special Spinach Tikki. Didn’t get the chance to taste it, but was smelling nice and looked amazingly tempting.


While showing some of their culinary skills, the chefs also had an entertaining and interactive session with the Jaipurites. Gautam was asking the interested people to join him in preparing the dishes. Whilst cooking, Gautam continuously interacted with the audience.

Some lucky ones also got a chance to cook with Chef Ranveer and Chef Gautam.


Next, he made a dessert from Canned Cherries, along with the freshly made Chocolate and Cherry Sauce which I got the chance to taste. Awesome it was!

Each and every person present in that room was enjoying being the part of the event and was smiling all the way.

RJ Sudipta Introduced Wild Card Entry Winner

Afterwards, Rj Sudidta from Red FM 91.1 was invited on the stage to introduce the wild card entry. Yes, there a cooking competition was scheduled to take place after chefs completed the sessions. (Read about the contest below).

Chef Ranveer Brar on Stage

Later, chef Ranveer Brar came to share his experience and interesting facts, stories with us besides giving small useful cooking tips.

Ranveer started with a small chitchat session and proceeded to make Brinjal sandwich. Sounds weird?

Believe me, I never thought Brinjal could be picked to make a sandwich till the time I saw Ranveer preparing one. The girls present there were going crazy and kept taking selfies with him in between. Many people volunteered to help Ranveer in preparing the Brinjal sandwich.


In between, he kept sharing the little tips with the audience, use of various kinds of cooking oils, some historical facts about food. He told the audience that we should not shun the use of Desi Ghee totally and how it is beneficial.

He also told the audience not to blindly go for olive oils and use different oils for different purposes for which they are meant like Jalebi can be made in Desi Ghee only and not olive or mustard oil.

Ranveer also enlightened the audience about the when were potatoes and tomatoes introduced in India.

He also shared that the secret that he always prefer using the brass and copper utensils and talked about emotional connect with the old-time utensils along with the benefits of cooking food in them.

Audience asked various questions from Ranveer Brar and on being asked about the favorite international delicacy, he told us all that he loved Paella Valencia – a popular dish in Spain.

Once the chef sessions were over, all the Jaipur bloggers got the chance to meet and greet the Celebrity Chefs.

We grabbed the chance and got us clicked with Chef Ranveer Brar and Chef Gautam Mehrishi.


Cook-Off Session Started

Last but not the least, the competition for the best cook in the town was held. In all, there were 15 contenders.

Did I miss out the second wild card entry that was chosen there and then at the event by chef Ranveer Brar?

Then the contenders called on stage and were made to move to the area where the cooking competition was to take place. They were given one secret ingredient which they have to use as the main ingredient. They were given 10 minutes to pick their ingredients and 45 minutes for the preparation. The entire area was filled with the aroma of different delicacies cooked by the contestants.



Finally, after the chefs tasted the delicacies, they announced the winners and the event concluded with chit-chat and photography session.

Here are some pics that contestants prepared for the event.

To know more about the LivingFoodz Food Fiesta event and how you can participate, please log on to http://www.livingfoodz.com/foodfiesta.

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