Kebabs & Curries Company: A Place For All Authentic Kebabs And Curries

Recently, we were in talks with the PR agency of Kebabs & Curries Company. The exchange of emails was for the review of delicacies. The final date decided was 21st of June’ 2017, 7.30 PM. On our motorcycle, we headed to Kebabs & Curries Company, Vaishali Nagar. Within some time, we reached the venue, parked our motorcycle and went inside.

Kebabs & Curries Company was started in Raja Park 13 years back by two IHM students, Tarun and Varun Behl. They have expanded their reach and opened up many branches in the city.


First Impressions

We were welcomed whole-heartedly by the staff members, the moment we stepped in. The ambience of the place was nice and we could feel the good vibes. The interior of the place is sophisticated done with soothing colors, one wall is made of wooden blocks. There are beautifully crafted huge lamps hanging in the middle. Besides, there are shelves on which the glass containers with various kinds of spices are placed on the shelves. Behind our table, we could see a nice collection of books on Indian recipes along with brass and copper glasses.


And Then We Ate…

We were anxiously waiting for the food we ordered. Yogesh is a non-vegetarian and I am vegetarian, so we have this benefit that we can try different veg and non-veg delicacies.

Tandoori Chicken

  • It was properly marinated and roasted.
  • Onion cuttings added to the taste as it was mixed with some spices we never tasted before.
  • The green chutney served with it, however, wasn’t that spicy as we expected it to be. So, we gave it an average rating.


Chicken Tikka

  • Chicken Tikka was properly roasted.
  • Got 6 pieces in one plate which is a good quantity.
  • It was spicy and so soft that it melted in mouth the moment we put it.


Paneer Tikka

  • It was spicy and delicious.
  • Paneer was soft, fresh and perfectly marinated.
  • It was well blended with Shimla Mirch and tomatoes.


Veg Gole Ke Kebabs

  • Gole Ke kebabs were made up of mixed vegetables.
  • They were very well presented.
  • We were served eight pieces.
  • The taste was Okayish. Make sure you have it before it become old.


KCC Special Daal and Junglee Roti

  • The very first glimpse of the Junglee Roti made me fall in love with it and the mere aroma of it made us believe that its gonna be super yum. Believe me, it was very yum and I recommend from the core of my heart 😉
  • The Jungli Roti was made up of various kinds of herbs and spices.
  • KCC Special Daal was made black urad daal with a lot of ghee in it.
  • It surely added to the deliciousness of Junglee Roti, but you can order it with other Indian Breads too.


Keema Naan With Mutton Gravy

  • The Naan was fully stuffed with Keema and mutton gravy that was served along was yum Mutton Gravy
  • One Keema Naan would be sufficient for a person with a normal diet. `
  • Mutton gravy was spicy and it came with good pieces.


All the delicacies were awesome, but I love Junglee Roti the most and immediately messaged my friends to try it out when in Kebabs & Curries Company.

Though, Yogesh tried to convince me that his Keema Naan was more delicious than the Junglee Roti but couldn’t win the discussion. As always 😀

Last but not the least, we were served Gulab Jamun with Ice-cream that was cherry on the cake.

How They Served?

The servicing staff was prompt. They had the knowledge of dishes that were available. The best part was that we didn’t have empty plates in front of us and we didn’t have to wait for long hours for food. Adding to it, was the utensils in which we were served food.

k&c-company-jaipur-review 5

We all know the health benefits the copper and brass vessels. Recently, we attended the LivingFoodz Food Fiesta where one of the celebrity chef’s Ranveer Brar told us the benefits of using copper and brass vessels for cooking and serving. The food at Kebabs & Curries Company was served in the copper and brass vessels and we believe that food was cooked also in copper and brass vessels. Unfortunately, forgot to ask this question.

What We Liked?

  • First and the foremost thing we loved was the food.
  • On our request, the food was made spicy.
  • The overall interior, ambience and use of copper and brass vessels added to the experience.

What we Disliked?

  • As there are two sides of the coin, alas, I somehow didn’t feel too comfortable sitting on the sofa as I had to push myself towards the table to enjoy the food.
  • There were not many options in deserts.


Kebabs & Curries Company, Shop No. E/2/148, Chitrakoot Marg, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Our Verdict

Many people believe Kebabs & Curries Company to be a dining place for non-vegetarians, but you’ll be surprised to see ample options that all you vegetarian must try. All in all, we would recommend Kebabs & Curries Company if you are going to dine out with family and friends. Must try!


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