How We Took 12 Hours For 100 KMS Journey

Pardon us for not following the schedule and coming up with random stuff.  Frankly, we have  so much to share which is leaving us confused about the schedule of publishing. However we assure that soon we will be on track.

Wanna know what we are going to share with you all today? Well, it’s the latest short bike trip story which we loved a lot and we believe that you all will enjoy reading. Many of you might relate to it too.

How Did The Plan Came To Our Mind

Well, the trip was on our mind since we started CoupleOnBike. To be true to all of you we have been travelling since long but have very less pictures of both of us with our bike. So, an idea popped up to get a photo shoot done. For this we took help from one of Yogesh’s close friend Bhuvan Gaur who is a biker too and has amazing photography skills.

Gem of a person; no more words can describe him the best!

Bhuvan did agree to join us for the short ride to get the CoupleOnBike shoot done. We were expecting another person Gaurav who is Bhuvan’s friend to join us for the ride. It was his first bike ride which ironically was the memorable one. Read on and you’ll come to know how.

We planned a short trip to Sambhar which is a salt lake bed in Rajasthan about 100 Kms from Jaipur.

And The Journey Started…4:00 PM

On Saturday (27th February 2016), we started our journey as Bhuvan wanted to capture pictures of us at the sunset time and at Sambhar late in starry night with Moon at the background.

We started from home to reach Pink Pearl on Ajmer road where two of them were waiting for us. After getting our tanks filled we gave the throttle and started enjoying our journey.

We Stopped…4:30 PM

As Bhuvan had missed his lunch and was hungry; we took a halt at a restaurant. Thereafter, we again resumed our journey.

We Started Again…5:30 PM

Till 50 Km from Jaipur at Makhupura all was going good and Bhuvan stopped us as he found a great composition for taking our pictures. Check out below pictures, Superb, aren’t these?



Motorcycle Breakdown…6:30 PM

Everything was going as per the plan till that time but midway where we stopped for getting the pictures clicked, Gaurav shocked us by saying that there is a breakdown in his motorcycle.

It all started there and then!

Who says only the plans you make work and unexpected things bring bad memories? Ofcourse, we are not favoring the unexpected mishaps or saying that those are good. But then small unexpected things that don’t harm anyone can turn out to be the good memories which one cherishes throughout.

Imagine, we were so busy getting the pictures clicked that we left the Gaurav’s bike and continued with the pictures clicking session. We both were posing for the camera and Bhuvan was playing with camera to take the best shots. Remember bike was still waiting for the due attention. 😉

Would like to thank Bhuvan for these amazing shots.



We Came To Our Senses…7:30 PM

Finally, we came to our senses and four of us gathered around Gaurav’s motorcylce (Royal Enfield Electra) to understand the possible reasons of breakdown. While trying to start the motorcycle the exhaust turned fire red.

Phone A Friend Session Started…8:30 PM

Each of us was trying to solve the mystery as to what could be the reason for the breakdown. Thereafter, started the phone calls session. We called our fellow bikers to get their expert opinions.

Spark plug, battery, exhaust and whatever one could have thought of, we did try to understand the issue. In between Bhuvan went to the nearby town to get help. One fellow came to help but nothing worked.

Finally after everything was done, we came to the result and gave our final verdict that the battery was down. Gaurav didn’t know about it beforehand neither he checked which he will will the next time he goes out for a motorcycle ride. 😉

Again our cellphones started to play a major role. How?

We started calling our friends (that we believed will help in getting a new battery from Jaipur). The funniest thing was that we were tempting them with the camping offer. 😉

A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed…9:30 PM

After hours of trying and leaving no stones unturned a name came to Yogesh’s mind who he was sure will help. Guess what? He was right. We called Ravi Verma (another biker friend) and asked him for the favor. He is one biking freak who loves camping and bike rides. He agreed to come with the battery and do camping with us.

We were not at all surprised when he said YES. Next, we had nothing to do other than to sit roadside and wait for Ravi to come with the brand new battery.

This was the time which we enjoyed like hell.

Fun Session Started…9:30 PM, 10:30 PM, 11:30 PM

Imagine four people sitting roadside and doing the bakkar (chit chat) for hours. What other way one could enjoy even the unexpected. Sharing travel stories, life stories, some inspirational stuff,  bikes, biking gears, snacking, fits of laughter all under the starry night with Moon upon us. (Remember what the initial plan was?)

Did I tell you Yogesh's tooth broke. Actually, half of his tooth!

Yes, you read it right, dunno if there was something in namkeen or what, coincidently, Yogesh bit something hard which was like a gravel stone. Sad but true, it broke his half tooth! Irritated him like hell for next one week 😛

Still Having Fun…11:30 PM, 12:30 AM – 3:30 AM

I was meeting Bhuvan and Gaurav for the first time but in no time we were talking like we knew each other since long time. Offcourse though common source – Yogesh who in between was taking a naps. Meeting bikers is always fun! They are so full of stories. Though I am one of the most talkative person but that time I was the wonderful listener. I loved every bit of the moments we were living; actually enjoying. Truly it was one of the most memorable experiences.

Our Angel Came…3:40 AM

As they say, to help us in the problem God doesn’t comes himself instead he sends someone for help. Finally, our wait was over and at around 3.40 AM.

Ravi came up with the battery, camping stuff, water bottles and some snacks. We replaced the battery and started the motorcycle.

We Resumed Our Journey…at 4:30 AM

We again gave throttle to our motorcycles after a long break (down) and reached our destination at around 5.30 AM.

Time To Settle Down. Tents Pitched…5:30 AM

First time ever, we had pitched our tents not in the night but at the time when sun was about to rise.

Once we settled down, Bhuvan took another amazing shot. (Pinned below). Then finally, we dozed off and got up at 10.00 AM.


This is how it took 12 hours to cover 100 Kms!

It was actually a wonderful morning and how could we miss the photography session. After packing our bags and tents we started our journey back home.






Don’t miss the best part!

While we were having our brunch at a restaurant nearby, Bhuvan shared his Eureka moment. Guess what,  actually there was this smart idea which the four of us didn’t even think of the previous night that instead of calling everybody, waiting for long hours and doing everything we did, one/two of us could have gone back to Jaipur and got the battery.

It could have taken not more than 2 hours to get the battery from Jaipur. 

Smartest ideas sometimes don’t come at the right time and this time we are thankful, it didn’t hit us at the right moment. How else, we could have added those wonderful memories to the journey of our lives.

On bike rides, expect the unexpected and don’t panic; instead enjoy every bit of it. It can turn out to be the best time of the entire ride.

Imagine, it took us more than 12 hours to complete the 2 hour bike ride but none of us was acting weird but we all were happy. Those extra hours added to our memories and travel stories which we will remember and cherish throughout our lives.

This was indeed one of our most memorable camping bike rides that could have been the shortest one but was thankfully the journey was long enough for the four people to meet, share stories, know each other and become friends.

P.S. Hats off to the Gaurav's patience. It was his first ride and he didn't panic even a bit, but was enjoying with us.

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Yogesh Mankani
No words describe me best than a hardcore biker. My mind, body and soul sync in when I am on my bike. Each time I set out on my journey and when I come back, I am a totally different person. It's really difficult for me to pen down my feeling when I am on my bike. Who cares about the destination. For me it's all about ride!

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  1. This is one amazing adventurous story. Adventure which you don’t plan are the most memorable ones. Loved the pictures

  2. Very nice pictures and very well articulated too. I am thrilled by the idea of getting stuck in the middle of nowhere for indefinite period .. I mean now it sounds fun I am sure it was one heck of a ordeal then .

  3. Don’t know why but i feel that i have read this before…Anyways the post is well written and as we say the journeys are more cherishable than the destination hold true here

  4. Wow! Such an adventurous travel tale. Beautifully articulated. I felt as if I was living the story. Things go wrong no matter how perfectly we plan and that’s exactly the beauty of travel. This kind of travel misadventures become one of our best travel moments, in retrospect.


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