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GLS 350 D Review : Most Luxurious SUV From Mercedes-Benz

Great News for the luxury lovers and the spenders in India as Mercedes-Benz launches its new and top class luxury car for the first time in India. This GLS 350 d by Mercedes has set a benchmark in the history of luxury SUV cars in the world. There are more features to it than any other luxury car has to offer. The SUV has set a record in the performance, the use of technology and the classy style like never before. There are thousands of SUVs available in the market these days, but this Mercedes product has stood out of the lot.

This New S Class, SUV is made locally in India and as a result the features are specifically for the people of India. India has hardly ever seen such large-scale production for SUV and luxury class car.


Features of GLS 350 d

The new Mercedes GLS 350 d SUV has been proclaimed as the leading SUV from the top SUV makers. Its smoothness and style sets it apart from all its peers. There are a number of features that makes it a luxury car in the truest sense of the term ‘luxury’. Some of the most attractive of this SUV are:

Smooth Drive

The state of the art technology has been incorporated in the making of this luxury car to aid in the ease and the comfort in driving the car or even travelling in it. The dynamic select control makes it possible to select from 5 driving modes, which include, sports, slippery, comfort, individuality and off-road. So no matter in what mode you are in, you luxury car will always choose the right mode and keep you safe and sound while on the road.

Hardy and Strong

The speed reached by the car is pretty high and the powerful car runs well all along for years. The diesel tank can store high amount of backup diesel for long distance travel. You can go on for miles and miles without any hindrance and with the standard comfort as well as luxury.

7-seater with Ultimate Comfort

The 7-seater SUV is spacious and comfortable and can accommodate your whole family when you are up for some vacation or picnic or even at work. The elegant interiors are just not a treat to the eyes, but they are safe and consists all safety precautions for any kinds of mishaps or accidents. Not that there might be any, but the SUV has been designed to be ready for the unseen, after all it is said ‘better safe than sorry’.

The Mercedes designers have kept in mind the safety of the 7 occupants in the car and thus designed the interior of the car meticulously. Furthermore the interior of the car is so pleasant and soothing that it gives an overall pleasant and calming effect to the each and every occupant.

Sophisticated exterior

The makers know exactly what they are targeting and hence for all the eminent people the car has been designed to show the class, it will make people turn heads when the car passes by. The outer finish of the car is also wonderfully done.

In the Indian showroom of Mercedes-Benz in Pune this new luxury car has been priced at 80.40 lacs. However, this price is like nothing, for the number of features it has to give.


Mercedes has made luxury cars in India in 1994 and ever since there has been a lot of products that has been brought to the market, but the CEO and managing director of Mercedes-Benz India Roland Folger mentioned that by far the introduction of the GLS 350 d S Class SUV has marked the dominance of Mercedes in the Local as well as International markets as the maker of top class, advanced and the best SUVs ever.

The ambience, the comfort, the style, the power, the safety and everything else that a SUV is supposed to contain is available in this newly launched SUV from Mercedes but to a heightened level.


And yet again the launch of GLS 350 d SUV has shown the position of Mercedes in the industry and made the owners proud of their work.



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