Exploring Jabarkhet Nature Reserve : A Privately Owned Wildlife Sanctuary Near Mussoorie

Landour in Uttrakhand is blessed with immense beauty. From colonial architecture to walk in the woods, terrains, small beautiful cafes and eateries; everything blends in a way that you simply fall in love with the place.

We were there for three days out of which we had planned to spend one day trekking the Jabbarkhet Nature Reserve.

Mr. Bhagchand, caretaker of Rockvilla by Baaya (that was our home for two days in Landour) insisted us to visit Jabarkhet.

What To Expect From Jabarkhet Nature Reserve?

Though there are different time slots for visiting Jabberkhet Nature Reserve, morning is the best time to be in a forest. So, we chose to go there in the morning.

Virendra Singh who is the nature walk guide at Jabarkhet came to our stay place and we started walking towards our destination. Upon reaching there, we met a few other people who had also come there to enjoy the flora and fauna of the place.

jabarkhet nature reserve mussoorie details

He told us that Jabarkhet Nature Reserve is 100 acres of the unspoiled jungle with different trails. The property is run by the owner, Vipul Jain and conservationist and director, Sejal Worah.

It is situated at the elevation of around 2,000 metres above sea level across different altitudinal zones. Various types of plants, ferns, trees, insects, birds and mammals make you forget about the distance you have covered and the distance that is left to reach the top.

jabarkhet nature reserve mussoorie details

The trails as we were told could be completed in 2-4 hours, depending on the number of halts. You don’t have to worry about the trails and the level of difficulty. If you have a basic fitness level, it won’t be a fuss for you to traverse these trails.

jabarkhet nature reserve mussoorie details

There are several small waterholes and camera traps are installed to capture photographs/videos of animals that roam around at night when humans are not around.

Also, there is a range of interpretive materials and a map developed to help visitors identify the different species they encounter.

The reserve is home to around 145 bird species, 20 species of mammals and approximately around 350 species of flowering plants. Isn’t That amazing?

The type of flora you get to witness depends on the season.

jabarkhet nature reserve mussoorie details

Pictures of gorals, leopard cats, langurs, black bears, wild boars, barking deer have been captured in the cameras installed at different locations that you can see after you complete your trial.

Types of Trails That You Can Choose

Based on the characteristic features, Jabarkhet Nature Reserve has different trails namely:

  • The Ridge trail: It takes you to the highest point of the Jabarkhet Nature Reserve, the Flag Hill Top.
  • The Wildflower trail: It leads to a meadow covered in a carpet of summer flowers.
  • The Mushroom trail: It has mushrooms of all colours and sizes especially during monsoons.
  • The Leopard trail: It is a trail where leopards roam around at the night time and their pictures are captured in pre-installed cameras.
  • The Rhododendron Trail: It has big red flowers in late spring and early summer. During this season, one can see the entire trail covered with red flowers.

Our guide, Mr Virendra kept sharing the information about the place and showed us different spots. Walking on these trails was an experience worth it. We came to know a lot about the place.

jabarkhet nature reserve mussoorie details

jabarkhet nature reserve mussoorie details

jabarkhet nature reserve mussoorie details

Reaching atop filled us with the sense of accomplishment. The view from here is awesome and on a clear day, you can easily spot Snowcapped Himalayan peaks.

jabarkhet nature reserve mussoorie details

On our way back, we spotted a small hut-like place within the property. there we stopped to enjoy a cup of tea.

jabarkhet nature reserve mussoorie details

They have built this place for the guests to take a halt and relax while having a cup of tea. Also, here you can see the pictures of different birds and animals such as leopards, wild boars, bears captured in their pre-installed cameras at different locations.

How Did Jabarkhet Nature Reserve Come Into Existence?

Before the property was converted into the nature reserve, the local villagers used to come here and collect firewood all through the year by cutting and lopping trees of various species. Not just that, they grazed their cattle in the forest and collected fodder. Also, there were instances of forest fire which sometimes couldn’t be easily controlled. The unchecked use and exploitation of the area worsened the situation of the property.

It was only after conservationist and director, Sejal Worah met Vipul Jain and took the charge of the property and brought about this major transformation and gave it the face-lift.

Over the last few years, CONSERVATION efforts went great and the duo made significant progress towards the restoration of the natural beauty and ecology of about 100 acres of the estate.

jabarkhet nature reserve mussoorie details

From removing over 400 kgs of trash, uprooting over tons of the exotic weed Eupatorium, recovering the vegetation to recover, developing waterholes, planting hundreds of trees, controlling the grazing of cattle; everything has been done in a well-planned manner and continuous efforts have been made to make what it currently looks like and properly maintaining it.

jabarkhet nature reserve mussoorie details

Hats off to Sejal Worah for giving life to this property and making it rise from the ashes!

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Best Time to Visit

Jabarkhet Nature Reserve offers something to the visitor at all times of the year. Each month brings with it new discoveries and vistas so you will never get tired of the place even if you are a frequent visitor.

While in springtime, one gets to see fallen rhododendron flowers and new leaves tend to appear on trees, walking on these trails during summers enables you to can escape from the heat as you get to witness cool forest glens and enjoy the flowering meadows.

jabarkhet nature reserve mussoorie details

During Autumn, one can witness acorns, wild grasses and trees. The snow-capped mountains which are clearly visible to the naked eye make the place all the more beautiful.

During monsoons, myriad of wildflowers, ferns and mushrooms pop up making the place beautiful. Snow-covered trails during the winter season is altogether a unique experience.

What to Carry?

There are few essentials that we think you should carry while exploring Jabarkhet Nature Reserve that will enhance your experience.

  • A DSLR camera
  • A pair of binoculars for bird watching
  • Dry snacks and chocolates
  • A water bottle
  • A hat and shades if you are going in summers
  • Shoes with a good grip are essential

Charges and Duration

The guided trail walk costs Rs 500/ person and lasts for about 2-3 hours.

They have membership options as well and you can see the details related to this here: http://jabarkhetnature.com/membership. 

What We Liked About Jabarkhet Nature Reserve

To sum up, we would any day suggest you to not miss a walk into the woods and enjoy the flora and fauna of the Jabarkhet Nature Reserve.

Non-stop chitchat session, getting the know-how of marks of different animals, hearing voices of different birds, and mesmerizing views while walking on these trails was a wonderful experience for us and we enjoyed a lot.

jabarkhet nature reserve mussoorie details

We simply want to applaud the efforts made to convert a wasteland into such a place that in no time, it became the home to many birds and animals.

Besides, local people have got employment and for tourists and travellers, it has become a hot spot that brings them close to nature, leaving the chaotic mess away, at least for some time.

jabarkhet nature reserve mussoorie details

jabarkhet nature reserve mussoorie details

Have you ever been to the Jabberkhet Nature Reserve? If yes, do share your experience with us by leaving your comments below.

Rajni Setia
Mountain girl from small town in the quest to explore the world is traveling all around with her best buddy. She is a blogger by profession who loves to express her views and share her experiences in writing. She has the passion for bikes and wishes to do the world tour on bike.

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  1. Been to mussoorie long time back but never got a chance to see this. Next time am there I will surely cover all points you mentioned

    • You should surely go there. Also, if you have any query when you are there, just DM us and we would be ready to help.

  2. Was recently in mussorie but missed this place. Love the detailing and information, will definitely be exploring this in my next trip

    • Thankyou Afreen for the appreciative words. Add this to your bucket list and post lockdown when things settle down and get back to normal, do plan a trip to this beautiful place.

  3. Jabarkhet Nature Reserve Seems like my kind of place. a walk in the woods enjoying the pretty green plants and the flowers seems like a dream. Very beautiful, I will write this place down in my list.

    • You’ll just love it and you know what though we have tried to put our experience in words but we still believe, there are no words to describe the beauty of the place. You got to be there to experience it.

  4. Lovely blog , It made me feel like teleporting myself into this quaint place right away. I quite like the tranquility of Jabberkhet Nature Reserve. Looks really amazing. Now that i feel if I would have been staying there somewhere in the outskirts of this place.

    • Thankyou Debjani and it would be fantastic to be living somewhere in the outskirts of this place. I have actually started imagining staying nearby and being the regular visitor of Jabberkhet Nature Reserve.

  5. Jabberkhet Nature Reserve looks sobeautiful. Raw nature at its best. It must have been a great experience losing yourself in those nature trails. The Rododendron trail would be amazing during the season when the red flowers would be blooming in glory. Loved reading the post, could almost feel the cool breeze blowing over the reserve.

    • It is so so true and the red rhododendron leaves were adding to the beauty of the place and glad that we were actually able to make you feel the cool breeze. Thank you!

  6. Wow, I am amazed people have their private nature reserves, they must be really passionate about wildlife. Such a well written article.

    • Even we were amazed to know how the property was before being facelifted. These guys have done a great job. Thank you for liking the writeup, your words keep us motivated!

  7. I never heard about Jabberkhet Nature Reserve. And this Nature Reserve looks so beautiful. I love to visit such places. You clicked some amazing pictures. Would love to visit Jabberkhet Nature Reserve one day, Thanks for sharing your experience with us

    • Happens! There is always next time. Do plan a trip and trust me you won’t regret it. Yes, we had really great time and came back with bagful of memories.

    • Hey Heena, thanks! Yes, you should definitely visit this place once things get back to normal and we get back on the track.

    • Hope our write-up is of help when you are there and yes, in case you wish to ask anything, we are just a message away!

  8. A hike in Jabarkhet Nature Reserve appears to be such an amazing thing to do. I’ve been to Mussoorie but have never heard of this place until now. The trails look so picturesque surrounded by trees, and amazing views. I always prefer to go to such places, rather than being in the city.Thanks for bringing such a place to my radar.

  9. Nature trails are one of my favs and I’ve hardly come across a place with so many trails in one. The pictures look so fab and very inviting. I’m gonna make note of this nature reserve to visit whenever we explore this side of India. Thank you for this offbeat recommendation.

  10. The leopard trail seems so adventurous and exciting, I would love to go on that trail and see the animals in the wild. Can’t wait to visit Jabarkhet.

    • Hope you get to see one. If not, the guide will show you the traces and pictures/videos of animals in the cameras installed there. It’s definitely exciting to climb these trails.


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