eVerito Review: Eco-friendly Sedan from Mahindra

Mahindra is a leading brand of tractors and utility vehicles. The company has a good reputation in the market and their service centers are also available almost everywhere in India. Mahindra eVerito, the fully electric, zero-emissions sedan powered by the latest electric drive train technology is the latest to addition from Mahindra Electric. CoupleOnBike was grateful to be the part of the event that was held on 2nd of June.

eVerito is an eco-friendly and completely emission free. Since this cool sedan runs on electricity, it claims not to produce carbon dioxide or any other gas that may pollute the environment.


Mahindra overwrite has proven to be a cost-effective vehicle for buyers. If the fuel price increases, you don’t need to worry as it runs on battery not petrol or diesel. The energy required to fully charge the car is 18 units of electricity. Now, if we consider the cost of electricity Rs 7/unit then the cost of 18 units would be Rs. 126 and car has a range of 110km so its running cost is expected to be somewhere around Rs 1.15/km.

The maintenance of Mahindra eVerito is also very low as it doesn’t have any engine or clutch and comes with a 72V Lithium ion battery pack.


Specially designed in a way that it can be charged at home just like a mobile phone, Mahindra eVerito seems to understand the issue of buyers. In order to charge it at home, you just need to Plug it into a 15 Amp plug point and wait for about 8 hours 45 minutes. Charging the vehicle outside is also very convenient. At Mahindra Electric Fast Charging stations it gets 0-80% charged in almost 1 hour and 45 minutes depending upon the battery temperature.


So, while you are on a long drive and planning to take a halt, stop by at the Mahindra Electric Fast Charging stations and charge your car. How cool does that sound?

Mahindra eVerito is well-equipped with some more features for real-time help, let’s have a look.

  • There is this ‘Revive’ technology that the company has introduced globally. It allows users to gain extra 8 km of range when battery is low so that they can reach the nearest charging station or to find a power outlet.
  • Its ‘Hill hold’ technology prevents the car from rolling backwards on a slope. Every car comes with emergency breaks though.
  • The car comes with ‘Telematics’ feature that provides the monthly statistics on more than 190 vehicle performance parameters so that users can get the idea of their vehicle’s actual place during their journey.
  • To enhance the power of the vehicle, Mahindra has added Boost mode feature to it.
  • The Regenerative Braking system helps to recover back the energy into the motor each time when the driver applies the brakes.

These smart features will definitely help Mahindra eVerito to set its place in the domestic market.

The car is good for those who have small families and need to travel within the city boundaries. It is spacious inside and doesn’t need much space for parking. It is priced between 9.50 lakh and 10 lakh which is the ex-showroom price in Delhi.

The car is the perfect mix of smart looks and superb features. However, practically it is not possible to keep the car charged always. If you are on the highways, you need to make sure you take prompt halts and incase there is no charging station, you will have to take a break of around 9 hours to make sure your car is fully charged.

This we would say is one major drawback. But for those who want to buy an eco-friendly car to commute within the city, Mahindra eVerito is indeed one smart option. That’s all for now and we will keep you posted about more updates on it.

Yogesh Mankani
No words describe me best than a hardcore biker. My mind, body and soul sync in when I am on my bike. Each time I set out on my journey and when I come back, I am a totally different person. It's really difficult for me to pen down my feeling when I am on my bike. Who cares about the destination. For me it's all about ride!

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eVerito Review: Eco-friendly Sedan from Mahindra

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