CoupleOnBike Got Featured In Daily NewsPaper

Firstly, CoupleOnBike would like to thank you all for your love and support. The cool response from you all, increasing followership on various social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and likewise.

Trust us, we really appreciate the way you all have supported us till now. We have been trying to keep you all posted with the travelogues, tips, photo with a story and other things. It gives us immense pleasure to put our travel experience in one place and share it with you all.

We are making every adding more and more stories to our travel life and will keep you all posted with the same. Adding another feather to the cap, here we would like to share a good news with you all.

CoupleOnBike got featured in the newspaper in the travel section. Local Hindi Newspaper of Jaipur РDaily News Paper interviewed CoupleOnBike asking about the travel stories and experiences. The way, everything has been written in gist and published is really applauded.

Check out the image pinned here to read the write-up published in the paper.


Yogesh Mankani
No words describe me best than a hardcore biker. My mind, body and soul sync in when I am on my bike. Each time I set out on my journey and when I come back, I am a totally different person. It's really difficult for me to pen down my feeling when I am on my bike. Who cares about the destination. For me it's all about ride!

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