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Can Futsal Become Popular In India Like T20


Futsal if you all know is the variant of association football that is played indoors. Originated in Uruguay back in 1930, this is one interesting game that is played between five players each with one goal keeper. The best part of the game is that there are multiple substitutions permitted.

The name Futsal came from Spanish word futbol sala, which means room football.  It is the brainchild of Juan Carlos Ceriani Gravier, a teacher in Montevideo who created a version of indoor football for recreation in YMCAs.

The game is played on a hard court surface that is delimited by lines. The ball used for the game is small and bounce too is less when compared to football.

Besides major differences like ball, rules, area, techniques, ball control, spaces the coolest of them all is that there is great creativity and much emphasis is laid on improvisation.


Ever since I got acquainted with the game, my curiosity has increased every day, which persuades me to research more and more about it to increase my know-how. If the introductory paragraphs have been able to generate curiosity among you all then I am sure you are still here planning to read the entire article. Wish to know more about the topic?

Futsal to tell you all is fast becoming the trend in India and is generating curiosity among gaming freaks.

Now the question is that will it be able to replace or at least become popular like other games in India.


T20 such as, is one of the most popular games that has successfully won the hear of millions. All those of you who are passionate about it and never miss out any part of it; I must tell you all that you have great taste.

A random thought came into my mind and I plan to discuss here if Futsal will be able to win your hearts of Indians and become as popular as T20 is in India. So, here I am talking about it. I nowhere plan to compare or anything of that sort. Frankly, T20 was the first name that popped up when I was thinking about the games so I thought of sharing my views and ask your views on the same.


Futsal fever is fast gripping India People are becoming more interested in the game for miscellaneous reasons like how football game can be replicated and played indoors, the techniques, creativity put in, rules and how is it different from football itself. Many more questions like these are magnetizing people all around.

Personally, I find the name also interesting. Hitting the cricket fans, and magnetizing them to Futsal is not quite an easy task. When it comes to cricket we Indians go crazy and frankly any game to win our hearts and reach that level where cricket is in our hearts and mind, it has to be far more interesting.

Nowadays, each one of us is becoming fond of the shorter format to various kinds of sports.

The 5-a-side version of the Futsal for this reason has caught the fancy of many. This indoor sport of only 20 mins a half duration is short and exciting spreading the breath of fresh air.


Its a superb platform that helps improve a footballer’s technique and skill. It requires a lot of short passing and movement off the ball, which is much required in modern-day football. The Futsal players are creative and masters of improvisation. With skills like close control and first touches develop into the players.

See, I have put down the positives and negatives as in if compared to T20, Futsal has to generate curiosity among Indians persuading them to follow the game religiously like T20. With the improvisation and creativity aspect of the players’ end, Futsal surely leaves the spectator amazed and wanting to know more.

If you ask me, I would say, Futsal might not replace T20 but surely has the brightest future and can reach a higher place winning the hearts of millions of people.


What do you think about it. Don’t forget to share your views on the topic. Spare some time out and let us know if you share the same opinion or have a different one.



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