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7 Best Cafes In Landour To Satisfy Your Taste Buds

best cafes in landour

Food is an integral part of travel culture! Every state, country, region has its own cuisine and the way a particular food item is cooked may vary too from one part to the other. Trying out different types of cuisine makes you understand the difference. We have been travelling to different parts of the country since long and have tried different cuisines of places that we have been to.

During our last trip to Landour, Uttarakhand that we have been talking about lately, we spent a day exploring Landour and visited many places, most of which we liked for the historical touch and other places were the natural bliss!

Another thing that we loved about landour was the good cafes and eateries.

We knew where to hit to satisfy our taste buds. From pancakes to bun omelette, a full three-course English dinner, pastries and cakes, Landour cafes and restaurants have oodles of options to make anyone drool over. We decided to do cafe-hopping there as we heard a lot about the quirky little cafes in Landour. Scroll down to know the best cafes in Landour, why they are good, what we liked over there and their location.  Take a look!

1. Landour Bakehouse

The first cafe we hit was Landour Bakehouse in Sister’s Bazaar. This is one of the oldest and most iconic cafes not only in Landour but in Mussoorie as well.

The cafe has green panelled doors that seem to welcome you to a room filled with a nice aroma. The sepia-tinted menus are quite unique. First few seconds, we just kept gazing at the menu and then placed the order. The wooden floor-boards, vintage clocks and antique portraits hung on the walls and they all together reminded us of 1930’s movie.

While waiting for your order to be served, you will not be able t0 sit back and just wait instead, you’ll be tempted to move around and check out every nook and corner of the cafe.

The moment we entered the cafe, we spotted the counter with oodles of items to grab on. We decided to try 2-3 items and stood there waiting for our turn to place the order and make the payment.

It’s a perfect place for people who have a sweet tooth. Many of the desserts and pudding recipes in the cafe have been derived from the Landour Cookbook. Be it a cup of your favourite beverage or custards or pastries, whatever the cafe offers has a unique aroma and flavour.

Guess what, till this time the number of items we ordered multiplied three-fold. Then came the point where we had to sit back and wait for our order. This was the toughest part but was worth it. We ate so much there that our stomach was almost full by then. So, we decided to take a stroll before hitting the next cafe.

What We Tried: Rose and Almond Cake, Chicken Junglee Toasties, Cinnamon Rolls, Croissants, Himalayan Nutties, Eclairs and Lemon Tart.

Location: Landour Bakehouse, Sister’s Bazaar, Landour.

best cafe in landour mussoorie

best cafe in landour mussoorie

2. Klick Cafe

At Laal Tibba, there is a nice cafe that goes by the name Klick Cafe which is famous for homemade brownies. It has the mountain vibes and there’s outdoor seating available. You can go upstairs and enjoy steaming hot momos, coffee/tea and other delicious food items that this small mountain cafe with offers.  Not just that, on the rooftop they have placed a telescope to let you witness the Himalayan Peak.

As we were at the time when the tourist season is at its peak, there was a huge rush and people were literally going crazy there. We tried a few things over there and witnessed the sunset just for a while and started walking towards Char Dukaan.

On the way back, we witnessed a nice sunset that we talked about in our guide to explore Landour as well.

What We Tried: Veg Pizza, Veg Fried Momos and Homemade Brownie.

Location: Klick Cafe, Lal Tibba Scene Point, Lal Tibba, Landour.

best cafe in landour mussoorie

best cafe in landour mussoorie

best cafe in landour mussoorie

3. Emily’s by Rokeby Manor

This is a beautiful place with brown-brick interiors, wooden furniture, floral wallpaper and a nice aroma.

From Indian to continental, they have some really great food options. They also serve freshly baked bread and delectable desserts that you can get packed and take back home. Next to the restaurant, there is a tea garden where you can roam around while sipping on your tea.

What We Tried: Pancakes, Banana Creme Caramel and Rokeby Sticky Toffy Pudding

Location: Rokeby Manor, Landour Cantt., Landour.

4. Char Dukaan Stalls

Char Dukan, we told y’all in the previous article is named because there were just four shops at the spot initially which still stand tall but with just addition of two more shops. If you are staying in Landour, you can hit this place at any time of the day, be it for the breakfast or to munch on something after taking a stroll on Landour roads in the evening. Enjoy Pancakes, Maggie, Omelette, Coffee, etc at any of the shops. A tip that we would like to give you all is that make sure you don’t get tempted by the menu and not end up ordering too many items, especially if you are ordering pancake, first grab a bite, eat it and then if you have some space left in your tummy, then order another thing.

What We Tried: Banana Pancake, Veg Cheese Maggie, and Cappuccino.

Location : Landour Cantt., Char Dukaan, Landour.

best cafe in landour mussoorie

best cafe in landour mussoorie

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5. Cafe Ivy

The name of the cafe is quite unique. It is run by three buddies who wanted to be surrounded by mountains, like forever. So, they ended up opening up this restaurant. With oodles of options available, Cafe Ivy today has become a must-visit destination if you are in Landour. Students come here to spend leisure time with friends. They serve hookah, Maggi, pizza, pasta and other delicious items.

The outdoor seating with beautiful valley view is complementary which is the USP of this place. Order the pepperoni pizza, sip on your favourite beverage and enjoy the views. What else could one could ask for?

What We Tried: Potato Wedges, Tadka Maggie, Mutton Burger, Aglio Olio Pasta and Hazelnut Cappuccino Coffee.

Location: Char Dukaan, Landour Cantt., Near SBI Bank, Landour.

best cafe in landour mussoorie

best cafe in landour mussoorie

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6. A. Prakash & Company

This is not a cafe but a small shop in the Sister’s Bazaar. Do you know why we are mentioning this in our list of best cafes in Landour? Because from here you can buy the delicious handmade crunchy Peanut Butter, Fruit Jams, Marmalade, Honey, Gouda Cheese, etc. This store is definitely worth a visit.

What We Bought: Peanut Butter, Orange Marmalade, Homemade Honey, Ginger & Garlic Chutney.

Location: A. Prakash & Company, Sister’s Bazar, Landour.

best cafe in landour mussoorie

7. Doma’s Inn

This is a beautiful place that has multi-hued Tibetan motifs with rooms for visitors to stay.  It’s a refurbished place which originally was known as Ivy Cottage. They serve yummy Asian dishes like Momos, Thupkas and Soups. The flavour is authentic and the presentation is classic Tibetan.

This place will make you feel like you are in a silent cafe in some offbeat location in Bhutan. You got to see it to believe and taste the food out there.

What We Tried: Domas Momos Pork, Chilly Momos, Veg Manchow Soup and Veg Fried Rice.

Location: Doma’s, Landour Cantt., Landour.

With this, we come to an end of the list of some of the best cafes in Landour which you must visit next time you are in Landour for some lip-smacking food.

Also, if you happen to be there anytime soon and try out the new cafe or restaurant, don’t forget to share your experience in the comments section below. We would definitely love to add it to our list of best cafes in Landour.

Tip: Also, if somehow you get to stay in Mussoorie, don’t forget to try Kalsang Restaurant for best Tibetan food in Mussoorie and Tavern Restaurant for food with live music.


  1. A nice place with nicer cafes like this , indeed is a great option for a perfect weekend getaway . Honestly all those dishes made me slurp while going through it ..And the wonderful place and it’s vibe, Landour is indeed a heaven . .Makes me want to head there post lockdown .

    • Landour is definitely a heaven for those who want to do nothing and explore at their pace. I guess you should visit this place post Covid and enjoy everything that Landour offers.

    • Cafe Ivy is our favorite too other than Landour Bakehouse which stole our heart right away with its delicacies. Program banaye kya wapis? 🙂

  2. Landour is so on my list and I’ve heard so much about it’s beauty! But it’s the first time I’m reading about these lovely, chic cafes. Now I have all the more reason to head here soonest.

    • We are sure you gonna love Landour not only for its natural beauty but the incredible delicacies these cafes over specially the ones from Landour Bakehouse and Emily’s. Do visit these cafes by any how even if you are by any chance nearby Mussoorie 🙂

    • Wow thanks for this list. Landour, Uttarakhand Has been on my places to visit list and I would love to visit some of these cafes if not all when I am there.

      • Awesome. Do try to visit Landour Bakehouse and Emily’s for sure but if you want a real drooling experience then a visit to all these cafes is a must to take the feel of Landour town.

  3. Been loving your Landour series!! This post especially was a complete drool fest! The momos made me squirm in my seat- if only I could go out and grab a plate right now (sigh). But soon enough, hopefully!

    • Thank you so much, glad you liked our Landour series, there’s one more place which we going to disclose very soon. Not only the momos, even the Pizza at Klick’s cafe is drool-worthy. Hope you will visit this place soon. Amen 🙂

  4. All that food made me drool. And kinda reminded me of the cafe hopping I did in McLeodganj back in 2015. With such a variety of yummy food on offer, a weekend in Landour indeed seems a delightful idea.

    • Oh Yeah, Landour has many things to offer other than these beautiful cafes. A walk in the town is itself a refreshing idea.

    • Landour Bakehouse is our favorite too. Glad you liked the article. Hope to see you somewhere in Landour munching these delicacies 🙂

    • Wow, good to know that you’ve been to Landour. So how did you like the place? We just loved it and wish to spend more time in our next visit 🙂

  5. The food looks lip smacking! Thanks for the recommendations. Will surely comes handy when we'[ll start planning to travel in near future. Bookmarking this post for future reference.

    • Thank you so much, glad you liked the article and definitely try some of these cafes if you are in Landour or nearby. We are sure you gonna love all these cafes.

    • Super awesome Heena. If I remember you have visited this place in your childhood, right? High time to create same memories with new additions 🙂

  6. All the cafes seem to be amazing… The food looks delicious… Thank you for sharing about these places!

    • Thank you Pam. Landour is a dream hill town and we think everyone should visit this place. The charm of this place is so rustic yet to modern. Definitely plan after this lockdown, we might plan it too.


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