About Us

There is a saying that a bad day on the mountain terrains is better than a good day in the office. We, ‘CoupleonBike’ go by this saying and we are not the 9-5 types people who believe they have no other option than to live the life in a monotonous way. We actually believe in flexibility, expanding our horizons and exploring the world.

Let’s get lost is our Moto

We are two nomadic souls who have this common passion for motorcycle and the one we have (Royal Enfield Interceptor 650) is really close to our heart. Previously, we had Royal Enfield Classic 350 CC which has made us what we are today – ‘CoupleonBike’!

The hardest part of travel is that people are unable to share their travel experiences (every bit of it). We didn’t want to keep our travel experiences with us only so we planned to come up with a personal travel journal.

Want to know more about us? Read on!

Hey there, I am YOGESH

Hi buddies, I am Yogesh, a hardcore biker who dreams of bikes, bikes and bikes! Travelling around the world on my motorcycle is my dream. I am not the one who will sit back in the office or at home working day in and day out. Take me out, give me my laptop and ask me to work sitting on the beach-shore or anywhere where I can sit back, relax and enjoy the nature : then see my productivity. I will be the best!

The four walled rooms make me sick. Fresh air, nature, roadside tea breaks, exploring different places, highways, mountain rides, beaches, nature, water bodies everything moves my soul. Blessed I am to have Rajni as my life partner who shares the same interests and is too a restless soul. Your life partner loves you and your bike too; what else one could ask for 😉


Hey there, I am RAJNI

Hey guys, I’m Rajni, an ardent traveller! I had always dreamt of a partner who would one day take me on long rides on a motorcycle. Lucky was I to find Yogesh who shares the same passion for bikes. Little did I know about the various types of bikes. All thanks to my life partner that I am no more unaware of the different types of motorcycles and the latest launches.

Currently, our focus is to travel every nook and corner of our country and then as the possibilities expand, we would love to see the world together…on separate bikes.


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