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91.1 FM Jaipur Organises Women Safety Awareness Rally


Women, they say are not safe outside their home, their dress up is not appropriate and they should not go out in dark. We ask, is there any assurance that women are safe in the families, schools, colleges? Are there no such incidences that are taking place during broad daylight? Ironically we are all in the state of confusion, insecurity and fret.

Recent ‘gudiya gangrape and murder case’ in Shimla, ‘stalking case’ in Chandigarh have literally left us astound. Adding to this, a politician stands up and says women should not come out of home at night, what was the girl doing there late night?

Image Credit: RJ Sudeepta

Bullshit! What time the girl is out? Does it really matter? Gudiya, the innocent teenager was coming back from school during the day time, not late night when the incident took place. Not just this, many eve-teasing and other cases have taken place during day time…’The time when women are supposedly safe’.

With the rape and kidnapping cases graph shooting high, parents out of utter insecurities and concern are not allowing the women in their families to go out of their place after a particular time. Infact, many girls/women are forced to leave their jobs.

However, some women (like those of ‘Pink City Bikerni Group’ RJ Sudeepta, mine, Anshul, Jaishree and many others) are blessed to be born in such family where parents don’t bother about society instead believe in making their daughters and other women in their families strong and confident to enough to face the world and are making them learn safety measures that can be adopted incase they find themselves in danger.

Image Credit: RJ Sudeepta

It is their duty, our duty to tell the families of women who are asked to sit back home and are scared to send them out that Jaipur is safe no matter what time of the day it is!

We will have to do something about it. Women can’t sit back at home just for the fact that some-sick minded people indulge in such crimes and others in the society can’t control their words while commenting on any girl/women. Small efforts can bring about great changes. There is an urgent need to spread awareness.

Media, we all know is a strong weapon that can help bring about great changes. Be it radio, television, print or online media, today we have innumerable sources through which we can spread awareness.

Image Credit: RJ Sudeepta

As an answer to these insecurities among parents and family members, and to spread awareness about women safety, Women Rally was organised on 12th August, 2017. Media, traffic police, police department and WOMEN from different walks of life joined hands and became the part of it

The rally was planned and initiated by RJ Sudeepta Saha and the entire team of 91.1 FM. It was a small rally that started from Raj Mandir at 11.30 pm and concluded at Shahid Smarak around 12.30 pm.

The rally was an effort to tell parents and other family members that Jaipur is safe and police department (men and women) is working day and night, sacrificing their sleep and comfort for the safety of people in the pink city. Moreover, we all are aware of the all-female police units that keep patrolling on two-wheelers to prevent crime against women.

Image Credit: Hindustan Times

We all need to understand that it is not their dress or time of being out that is the reason behind all such nuisances instead its the mindset of some people in the society that plays leads to such crimes. Such women abuses are taking place and increasing because somewhere in the Indian society, we teach our daughters and sisters all the so called values and forget to do the same with our sons.

News Coverage by Patrika Rajasthan

The message conveyed through this rally was that ‘things are changing for good’, women are becoming confident and that they are safe! Women of today are moving out of their home, earning and supporting their families, learning to ride bikes/cars thereby becoming more and more independent. All that we need to do is to trust them, not bound them. We should make them learn self-defence.

To sum up, it was a wonderful event organised by 91.1 FM and thanks for making me the part of it. We women are not going to sit back at home because of hypocrites roaming all around. Jaipur chup nahi rahega! We will raise our voice against anything or everything wrong going on around us. We pledge to be more confident, follow the safety rules and learn to protect ourselves and others without expecting the male members of our family to be there for us always, which is not always possible.



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