5 Theme Based Cafes in Jaipur You Have To Try

If you are one of the few people who keeps their attention on the food of a place as well as craves for great interiors, you should look out for visual treats that we have on our list.Just like some experiences leaves us with a drooling and infectious smile, these places are sure to becomes one of those moments which you won’t be able describe in words.

Like the all new Maruti Suzuki limited edition Dzire Allure, the theme-based cafes we are going to talk about here, promises to offer amazing experience and exclusivity like never before.

How about checking out this superb car and these cafes so that you can drive in style and enjoy the delicacies. Two-in-one purpose solved, isn’t it?

Welcome to the Lovelier world of these beautifully themed cafes

1. Sky Waltz Café

Exemplifying exclusivity and indulgence, the Sky Waltz Café located between Delhi-Jaipur (Achrol) promises to leave you all amazed with its plush interiors. Drive in any time of the day, and you will love it for all the good reasons. From various types of delicacies that you can enjoy mid-air, to the superb interiors; everything is so amazing about the place.

This aviation-themed cafe is all about planes and flying machines. For those who have interest in knowing everything about the models of the Wright brothers’ aircraft, should drive in here and be served with all the delicacies. The aero print cushions, raised furniture that hangs mid-air, frames, stories, and facts; in fact, the whole thing makes you go crazy. The delicacies along with the lush plush interiors makes you drool over from the moment you enter this place; you have a feeling of how it’s a lovelier world. 


2. Cafe Kalapani

Situated in one of the prime location of the city, CScheme, cafe Kalapani makes you feel that you are imprisoned-happily! The interiors of the place have Bollywood dialogues scribbled on the ceiling with doodles of joker.There are four seating areastwo on the ground floor and two on the first floor. It would be interesting to know that there is a prison cell with iron grills where you can get pictures clicked from behind the bars. The staff members will be seen wearing badges with names of famous villains like Mogambo, Topiya, Gabbar and more. Apart from its interiors, they have a menu of sustenance that is cooked with perfection.


3. Mamu’s Infusion

Mamu’s infusion is a Victorian-themed cafe that is located in C-scheme. The cafe offers you various worth trying and mouth-watering beverages, and delicacies. The interiors of the cafe too are worth a mention. As mentioned, it is a brilliantly designed theme cafe that has antique furniture with well-defined characters on the walls. The service is good and you can sit back and enjoy your meal while enjoying the visual treat.They have quite a variety in their menu as well, offering Italian, Mexican, Indian and Chinese cuisines. Thus, the exclusivity of Mamu’s Infusion cafe makes people get pampered completely.


4. Hunger Planet

Want to make your children learn about the planets in a fun way without making it a boring topic? Well, then take them to the Hunger Planet! It’s an exclusive place and as the name suggests, contains all planetary images, stars and orbits painted on the walls where you can indulge yourself to enjoy an experience that is beyond words. Step in and you will feel like you are somewhere in a planet.

Guess what, you won’t get a menu card to check what’s in. Amazed? Well, you get a tablet to check out what you want to have and place your order via the tablet only.

While checking out the menu, you’ll happily be surprised to see that the dishes are named on planets and stars complimenting the theme of the cafe. Having a cup of your favorite beverage in the Hunger Planet will surely make you feel like an astronaut.


5. Jaipur Jungle

Jaipur Jungle! The name itself suggest the interiors. Yes, enjoying food in the lovelier world of wild animals will make you feel close to nature. In fact, once inside, one tends to forget the hustle and bustle outside. Inside, there is a nice waterfall, and greenery all around, and not to forget you can feel the gentle cool breeze that makes you believe that you are actually sitting amidst nature; in a jungle to be precise. It’s a vegetarian restaurant but the delicious food is simply worth trying out. To compliment the theme; the staff members are dressed as rangers. Isn’t that cool? Jaipur Jungle is located in Adarsh Nagar.


The cafes we have listed here are exclusive because of their themes like the all new Maruti Suzuki limited edition Dzire Allure and promise the indulgence that each one of us longs for. The limited edition Maruti Suzuki Dzire Allure truly exemplifies indulgence and exclusivity.

What more one could ask for if you get the plush interiors, enhanced comfort features, superb body graphics, front-end arm rest, interior styling kit to let you enjoy the indulgent experiences away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. Maruti Suzuki limited edition Dzire Allure offers you an amazing experience worth drooling over. The combination of plush interiors and rich features make these cafes and the limited edition Maruti Suzuki Dzire Allure all the more tempting.


If it’s your anniversary, birthday or any other special day, just drive the Maruti Suzuki limited edition Dzire Allure and hit out any of these theme-based cafes and indulge yourself in a lovelier world.

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