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6 Products For Bikers Who Love Camping


We are hardcore bikers who have this great passion for different kind of bikes. Traveling on bikes, carrying more of camping stuff and gears than the clothing, staying amidst the nature in the little camp might sound crazy to some people but for us it is living life to the fullest.

Camping saves you so much of money that you can use to explore another place, you get up early in the morning with the sun rising above and the beautiful vistas. Without further adieu, I’ll come to the point.

Are you an avid traveler? A biker who prefers camping over staying in luxurious hotels? If yes, then we have the coolest stuff to talk about today. For camping, you need to be really careful and should have good knowledge about which camps to buy, the sleeping mat, sleeping bag and other stuff that you’ll need while camping. It’s like carrying a little room with you.

We did publish one article a few days before where we camped in Sambhar, one and only Salt Lake in Rajasthan. Did you get the time to read it. Have a read, we are are you will find it funny yet intriguing because we took 12 hours for 100 Kms journey. Lols, you read it right. Check how did it actually happen.

Want to know what all suggestive stuff we have for all you bikers who love camping? Sneak a peek and decide which ones would be your pick. Click on the name of the products if you want to buy.

1. Stretch Cord Assorted

The stretch cords are one the most basic necessities for us. These help us tie all our luggage on the bike so that it doesn’t fall. If the cords are of good quality and you have tied your luggage with care, there are no chances that your luggage with slip down.

Here is a set of premium quality Coleman stretch cords for your outdoor adventure. You get six pieces of colored stretch cords. The set includes 12-inch (30.48 cm) cords, two 18-inch (45.72 cm) cords, two 24-inch (61 cm) cords. The stretchable cords come with multi-strand core with durable outer wrap, plastic coated, rust resistant hooks.  The cords are easy to carry and use. The hooks are rust, resistant hooks lower the possibility of scratches.

Price: Rs 600


2. Quechua Arpenaz 2 Tent

The Quechua Arpenaz tent for 2 people is 120 cm wide and 205 cm in length. Its cylindrical storage case is 16 cm in diameter  and 57 cm long. The tent has a pole curve design that maximizes space. It weighs mere 2.4 kg. The fabric flysheet of the tent filters the ultraviolet rays with a SPF of 30. We have been using this Quechua tent for all out camping trips and trust me, its super easy to spread and pack it. Comes with hooks to pitch the tent on the ground.

Price: Rs 2,780


3. Jaqana Alaska 300 Sleeping Bag

This green coloured sleeping bag is ideal for camping in areas where the temperature is too low. It is made up of 1-layer thermo construction and is. anatomically shaped. The sleeping bag has 6. 2 way zips (YKK) 7 and comes with 230 cm x 80 cm x 50 cm dimensions.

Price: 1,850


4. Kovea Titanium Stove KB-0101

Kovea Titanium stove is a perfect pick for the people to enjoy cooking their own meals on the go that too outdoors. The stove has a specialized burner head, adjustable valve that lets you control fire power and an automatic igniter. The stove measures 6.70 x 3.80 x 8.10 cm and can be carried anywhere.

Price: Rs 3,610


5. Kovea Cookware System SOLO 2

We have been longing and looking for the right kind of cookware set for some time and now the search has stopped here. It’s a perfect pick for the people who love camping and don’t want to eat in some eatery shops, dhabas or restaurants.

Solo 2 is a hard anodizing cookware set made up of high grade aluminum. You can use the pot’s lid as a frying pan.

It is a set of that includes 1.2 L pot pan, 0.9 L pot pan, 2 plastic bowls, 2 folding Scoopers and 1 mesh bag. The best part is that you don’t have to bother about the weight as it is not too heavy to be carried.

The capacity of small pot is 0.95 qt. (0.9L), large pot is 1.2 qt. (1.2L).

The 1.2 qt. pot measures  3″ in height and  5.5″ in diameter.

The 0.9 qt. pot measures  2.75″ in height and  5″ in diameter.

The small lid measures -1/2″ in height and  5″ in diameter.

Small lid measures 1-1/2″ in height and 5.25″ in diameter.

Large lid measures 1-1/2″ in height and 5.75″ in height.

Price: Rs 3,000


6. LifeStraw Go Personal Water Purifier 650 ml Sipper

Wondering what makes this water bottle deserving to be the part of the list of these cool products that ever biker must own?

The LifeStraw Go Water Bottle comes with a 2-stage filtration system that promises you the filtered water free of impurities. The LifeStraw hollow fiber membrane filter removes bacteria protozoa and other waterborne contaminants. All thanks to the carbon capsule that reduces bad taste, odor, chlorine and organic chemical matter.

The reusable bottle is perfect to be taken along for hiking, biking, camping or traveling to places where the water quality is not that high.

Price: Rs 1,600


Personally, we loved each product listed here, but if you ask us which one would be our next buy, I would say Kovea stove and Kovea cookware that we love for all good reasons and have been looking for the same from sometime now.

Have you used any of the above listed products? If yes, share your reviews with us. Also, let us know which one(s) you loved the most.


  1. Hey, how is the lifestraw? I know you guys have been travelling.. and tested all kind of waters in the travel? and faed any issue like health etc.. Just curious.

    and if possible, do include the amazon links as an alternative links.


    • Hi Suresh,

      Lifestraw is amazing for those who are travelling most of the times. It ensures that the water you are drinking is safe whatever the sources are. We never faced any issues with that.

      Btw, if you buy from the above link and use COB05, you will get additional 5% discount from the original price. If you are an Amazon user, this is the link: http://amzn.to/2tBiOwc (Referral).

      Let us know if you need any help!


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