5 Challenges We Face While Booking Online For Travel

Planning a holiday or any trip is not a big deal today in this era of growing technology. From planning to executing, everything is just a click away. Most of us today book our rail and air tickets online, which saves time, petrol as well as grants cashback. Just not this, now is the trend of booking the hotels online as well and this is the reason that the hotel industry is at par with all other industries. From a normal single star room to a lavish five-star room, every single detail is available online. You just have to browse through them and choose the most suitable one according to the requirement. This ensures hassle free booking that too from your comfort zone. But the coin always has two sides, it sounds a little easier, but has its own pros and cons.

Unlike any other industry, this industry has its own setbacks which we do not face initially, but as we go through the minute details, we come to know about them. Here is a list of some of the challenges that the people have to face while planning and booking a trip online.

1. Availability of a Lot of Options

The biggest problem to deal with is confusion. While booking tickets for buses, flights, hotels, you come across around hundreds of options you can go for and all of them seem to be equally genuine. Be it any travel booking websites, they offer all the booking facilities with a difference of a penny or two. Now the question arises, which one to choose? Some of the websites offer a lot of cashback and exciting coupons while booking which increases the inclination of the people towards it.

Though if you go through the rates properly, it turns out to be a little costlier than other such platforms. We found MeTripping.com website where you can actually book your flight tickets and hotels where they narrow down the options by providing ranked recommendations for flight and hotel rankings for each different trip. Sounds great, right?


2. Struggling with Internet

Though we live in a complete tech freak society, yet we have to struggle with the internet connectivity daily. Most of the times when we need the best speed i.e. while initiating the bookings, that is the time the connectivity will vanish away. This leads to a failed booking and everything has to be started from scratch. Websites like IRCTC do not keep the user logged in for a long period if the page is idle and once you lose the connectivity, you have to start from the step one i.e. logging into the account again.


3. Refund and Cancellation Policies

This is another important reason due to which people hesitate to trust the online bookings. All the booking platforms, hotels, etc. have their different return and cancellation policies which leads to confusion. Some of then even demand a cancellation fee which is sometimes so high that it seems equivalent to the price of an one night room stay.

Some companies might have the hidden terms and conditions wherein you have to cancel the entire package if you wish to cancel any booking. These hidden terms and conditions are tough to decipher, especially when it comes to air tickets. As they are costly and can lead to a huge loss.


4. Coordination Issues

Whenever we book for a trip online, we book via a third-party which acts as a mediator between us and the main party. There usually turns out to be synchronization issues between the travel agency and the hotel or airline we have booked for.

They do not update the empty rooms in a hotel or the vacant seats in the flight and this causes a glitch as two bookings get registered on the single vacant seat. But thanks to the upcoming IT industry that is bringing up upgraded softwares which are so efficient that they track the slightest changes quickly. These softwares make sure that there will be no such issue in the near future. They even keep their customer updated through regular alerts.


5. All that Glitters isn’t Gold

Although the hotels mention all the details online, but still many a times the reality turns out to be different. The services they mention do not come out to be real and you are left with no other option as you have already paid for them. It is sometimes better to make a phone call to judge them better as the services they are going to offer depends on how well mannered is the person on the other side of the call. All of these are usually captured in user reviews as well – that’s another part of rankings that we found on MeTripping. They also optimize for the location-based on the kind of destination and the kind of trip that you are taking to that destination.


Even after all these setbacks and challenges, the travel industry continues to bloom rapidly. If twenty percent of the customers are dissatisfied, there are those eighty percent as well who prefer online over offline bookings at any cost as it increases convenience and is hassle free. But while booking online, always keep your eyes wide open and read all the starred terms and conditions carefully.

Yogesh Mankani
No words describe me best than a hardcore biker. My mind, body and soul sync in when I am on my bike. Each time I set out on my journey and when I come back, I am a totally different person. It's really difficult for me to pen down my feeling when I am on my bike. Who cares about the destination. For me it's all about ride!

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  1. Definitely with the ease of internet , online travel is still considered to be the cheapest n easiest n Hassel free mode of booking . For it saves time and is easy peasy !!

    Atleast I can’t think of the time when I last went to a travel agent physically ..

    Being an avid traveler , I vouch for online booking still !!

  2. Everything has been described so aptly . Just booked tickets online today … struggled with net connection . The options are so confusing that ended up booking expensive tickets . You got the nerve of every reader .

  3. I love booking everything online. It gives me the flexibility to do what I want. In the olden days, we had to rely on travel agents and that is one headache I am glad to be rid of. Great post as always.

    • So true Soumya. The technological advancements have made our lives hassle-free in many ways. Anyways, thanks for liking our posts.


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