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  • Fun at the BlaBla Car Event. #BlaBlaTour2016
  • A short camping trip to one of the favourite destination for bikers and photographers, Sambhar in Rajasthan. It didn’t turn out the way we expected but then was superb experience.

For the first time, we pitched our tent not in the evening/night but at the dawn when sun was about to rise. Nevertheless, it was one of the most memorable short bike ride added to our journey.

As they say, Expect The Unexpected!
  • After hours of riding day & night, through rough terrains, crossing small and large water streams, we came across this beautiful vista. Much needed break amidst beautiful landscape indeed was rejuvenating for three of us - bike and CoupleOnBike.

Snow capped mountains, raging river down, greenery all around, beautiful blue sky and our bike. Isn’t it the perfect blend of all that makes this picture mesmerising.
  • You all by now have read the beginning of our  journey and if our article was able to generate curiosity amongst you all, here we are with yet another article. - - -
Precisely, categorized as Travelouge, it will let you all know how the journey continued and what we experienced while we were in Bali, places we visited and what we liked about the one of the most beautiful island. Read on to know more about our journey and to check out the pictures. - - - 
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  • When you live, travel and follow your passion together, you will unintentionally replicate each other in many ways. To put it in simple words, you become the mirror image of your partner.
The shot was taken by one of the co-biker who through this picture made us realize how we two were standing the same way with the same biker's attitude while enjoying the vistas on way to Kaza, one of the major town in Spiti valley.
  • Who wouldn’t want to take back home lovely memories when you are at one of the highest altitude lake in the world named Pangong TSO situated at a height of about 4,350 m (14,270 ft)?
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I remember hiding our expressions and smiling to pose for the camera as it was really cold water beaneath and Rajni was scared of falling. Though, we love this picture.
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